October 1, 2014

New White Paper: Making Enterprise Healthcare Sales Easier

Kris Gösser
Kris Gösser

Datica Alumni — Former Chief Marketing Officer

Healthcare is complex, so it’s no wonder the sales process proves overly complicated.

Believe us, we know. We’ve sold to large enterprise healthcare organizations who are now happy customers and important partners. But we also have an intimate understanding because of our role helping smaller customers sell into these same institutions. Part of what you buy with Catalyze is services to help you accelerate your sales process.

How do we do this? Trust is the currency of the enterprise, and healthcare is no different. Catalyze has emerged as a highly trusted vendor within healthcare. Partly because we’ve been through three independent audits, partly because we are thought leaders in compliance and security, but mostly because of our track record of successful service.

When digital health companies choose Catalyze, they also get the trust and history that make CIOs raise their eyebrow.

Read our new white paper to get the full story.

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