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Why Let's Encrypt is our favorite open source project this year

Ryan Rich

VP of Product

December 8, 2017   Open Source

We highly value open-source technology at Datica. We’re not only contributors to the open source community, but open source users and producers as well.

One such open source project that we’re absolutely thrilled to be using is Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is a completely free and open source certificate authority. Developers can use Let’s Encrypt to obtain a free SSL/TLS certificate for their websites and applications. This allows them to enable a secure connection for their users via HTTPS.

This summer we announced that all new customers would receive free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for their Datica Platform environments. Additionally, any customers wanting to renew or upgrade their existing certs can also receive a free Let’s Encrypt certificate. This feature has been amazing for our customers. Not only are these certs provided to users completely free from Let’s Encrypt, but they’re also super easy to obtain via the Datica CLI. In addition, these certificates also automatically renew each year.

We’re proud to support Let’s Encrypt in their mission to make the internet more secure. If you’re looking to support an open source project this Holiday season, we couldn’t think of a more worthy candidate than Let’s Encrypt.


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Mark Olschesky

Chief Data Officer

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Director of Communications

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