Cloud Compliance

Managed Service for your solution in the cloud

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Accelerate Compliance in the Cloud

In health IT, moving your solution to the cloud is no easy ride. As regulations and industry standards evolve, software developers must navigate the ever-changing terrain while trying to stay focused on other key initiatives. Datica is changing all of that.

Datica Cloud Compliance offers end-to-end cloud managed services for your solutions. By installing the guardrails, Datica puts developers in the driver’s seat to scale rapidly with HIPAA compliance and HITRUST certification in place.

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"HITRUST History" from the Datica book, Complete Cloud Compliance

Our Roadmap to Success

Secure Cloud Environment

Datica smooths your path to a secure cloud environment that’s HIPAA compliant and HITRUST-ready.

Stay Compliant As You Scale

We provide the guardrails to help you stay compliant and secure as you grow and scale.

We Put Developers in the Driver’s Seat

Our guardrails keep your cloud account and the services you use HIPAA compliant and HITRUST-ready.

Your Speedway to Success

Datica is your partner to ensure compliance as regulations and industry standards evolve.

Your favorite development tools are available as a standard, and the most advanced health data integration available today extends the capabilities of your cloud environment to places never thought possible before in healthcare.

Datica’s Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Configuration

  • S3
  • EC2
  • RDs
  • Elasticache
  • And more...

Security Operations

  • Alert logging
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • And more...

Operational Compliance

  • High Availability
  • Data Backup
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Certificate Management
  • And more...

Datica Cloud Compliance in action.

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