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Streamlined solutions for healthcare compliance in the cloud

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Accelerate Compliance in the Cloud

Compliance Made Easy

In health IT, moving your solution to the cloud is no easy ride. As regulations and industry standards evolve, software developers must navigate the ever-changing terrain while trying to stay focused on other key initiatives. Datica is changing all of that.

Datica Cloud Compliance offers end-to-end cloud managed services for your solutions. By installing the guardrails, Datica puts developers in the driver’s seat to scale rapidly with HIPAA compliance and HITRUST certification in place.

The New Norm in Healthcare

Compliance is a basic requirement when working with health systems nowawadys. Check that box faster with Datica.

And compliance isn’t a one and done activity. Get and stay compliant in the cloud (quickly and easily) without the continued headaches of managing compliance yourself.

Customer after customer has become HITRUST compliant with Datica. No matter how unique your compliance needs – you can be audit-ready.

As your needs grow and evolve, we’re there to support you. We will continue to offer new compliant cloud services based on customer requests and market need, as well as advise while you venture into using new cloud services.

Helpful Insights

Our self-assessment worksheet illuminates the cloud requirements that you need to plan for in your own digital health solution.

How It Works

The Roadmap to Compliance

Datica smooths your path to a secure cloud environment that’s HIPAA compliant and HITRUST-ready.

  • 1. Building A Baseline

    We design and implement a secure infrastructure that meets the business requirements to host your digital health solution.

  • 2. Configuration and Deployment

    Configurations of your cloud services are made available to you within AWS, meaning you can deploy services and scale all while maintaining compliance. You can either use our API-based platform or hop into the CLI – up to you.

  • 3. Ongoing Security Operations

    Monitoring, remediation, tech refresh, patching, and more are all part of the Datica Cloud Compliance offering. You'll know your compliance stature better than the back of your hand.

  • 4. Show Me The Money (Evidence)!

    We automatically gather the evidence for your configurations mapped to HIPAA and HITRUST (among other frameworks) so that you save significant amounts of time and money undergoing an audit or certification.

Datica’s Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Configuration

  • S3
  • ECS
  • RDS
  • And more...

Security Operations

  • Alert logging
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • And more...

Operational Compliance

  • High Availability
  • Data Backup
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Certificate Management
  • And more...

Cloud Compliance FAQs

By working with Datica do I automatically become HITRUST-certified?

As a customer, you are HITRUST-ready. We map your account and cloud services to the necessary HITRUST controls and then automatically gather the necessary evidence for you to undergo HITRUST certification – saving ten's, if not hundred's of hours.

What other compliance regimes do you offer compliance services for?

We can and have assisted customers with HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, ISO, SOC, and GxP.

Which cloud service providers do you offer compliance for?

We are currently offering compliant cloud services on AWS, with compliance services for Azure coming in 2021.

What happens when a compliance regime makes a change? I.e. If there is a new version of HITRUST released?

Datica will make the proper updates to maintain the compliance of your environment (HIPAA, HITRUST, etc.) as necessary or work with you about the steps for you to take.

Datica Cloud Compliance in action.

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