Compliance in the cloud is a hard problem—and we solved it

Datica Compliant Cloud lets you move fast on the world's leading infrastructure providers, like AWS or Microsoft Azure, while keeping the compliance folks happy.

Compliant Cloud

The smoothest transition to the cloud in healthcare

Young companies getting started and mature enterprises migrating to the cloud all benefit from a seamless setup with the Datica Compliant Cloud.

The cloud that adapts to change

Healthcare suffers from intense market pressures. Datica is the first and only cloud that absorbs industry changes to ensure customers are always in compliance.


Our HITRUST certification, your peace of mind

HITRUST is how healthcare does business

The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) has become the preferred way to prove compliance in healthcare. HITRUST certification helps establish and accelerate partnerships. If you plan to do business in healthcare at the speed of change, you need to be HITRUST CSF Certified.

Datica’s HITRUST CSF Certification gives you industry credibility overnight

Datica leads the industry with the first, most complete HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure. Datica Managed Cloud is HITRUST CSF Certified on AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, and Rackspace, achieving the highest industry privacy and security standards across infrastructure providers.

You inherit Datica’s certification

HITRUST allows for inheritance, which means if you are planning to obtain your own CSF certification, you can inherit Datica’s certificate to shortcut 40% of the time and costs of the process.

Speed time-to-market

Prototyping in healthcare is hard. Datica Managed Cloud dramatically increases a team’s time-to-market by removing compliance as a blocker during development and deployment.

Make life easier with a single BAA

Aligning Business Associate Agreements amongst all technology partners is a full-time job. You sign one BAA with Datica to cover the entirety of compliance in the cloud.

Empower technology teams

Engineers are liberated to focus on problems and features more closely related to products, and not on reinventing the wheel on compliance, resulting in happier, more productive teams.

The proof is in our relationships

The Department of Veteran Affairs

The Department of Veteran Affairs

The Department of Veteran Affairs went from idea to deployed apps in the hands of veterans with PTSD within 90 days by using the Datica Compliant Cloud. By leveraging Datica's infrastructure services, the team at The VA were able to address patient engagement.

Veterans suffering from PTSD and their families immediately gained access to new self-help and tracking tools.

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HealthLoop achieved a first-year cost savings of $135,000 that continues to improve as it expands with the Datica Compliant Cloud.

Datica surprised us when they proposed a customized solution; with our previous hosting company it was always – ‘take it or leave it.’”

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Zipnosis was able to quickly scale to meet substantial growth in demand by trusting in the Datica Compliant Cloud.

“They met our goals, and, along the way, we discovered that Datica shared our view about the next generation of healthcare integration.”

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Datica is an Amazon Web Services Advanced Tier Technology Partner