Datica fills the compliance gaps on top of our infrastructure partners

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We help the world's best public infrastructure providers be HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CSF Certified by filling the gaps their Business Associate Agreements don't cover. You still get their reliability, speed, and scalability, but can count on Datica to ensure compliance, security, and privacy.

Choose your preferred deployment model

Multi-tenant, dedicated single-tenant, or on-account configurations — Datica Compliant Cloud has every healthcare cloud strategy covered.

Model Multi-tenant Dedicated On-account
Available Clouds AWS AWS, Azure, IBM, Rax AWS, Azure
Audits Audited by 3rd party Audited by 3rd party Audit your responsibility
HITRUST Fully HITRUST CSF Certified Fully HITRUST CSF Certified HITRUST Ready; Inherit our Certificate
Deployment Method Git-push Git-push, Chef/Puppet Git-push, Chef/Puppet
Windows Support Available Available Available

The hard technical details of compliance have been figured out


The hardest piece of the puzzle

Getting secure networking right on top of public clouds is one of the hardest challenges in the industry. Datica's Secure Software Delivery Network (SSDN) solved this problem.


Military-grade, in transit and at rest

Datica uses the highest forms of encryption at the block level and while in transit between services to ensure that all transfer of data meets regulations.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Daily, automatic and reliable

DR and backup are one challenge, but doing them in a HIPAA compliant way is another. Datica's approach solves this tricky problem exactly how you need it solved.


Protecting PHI in your logs

You never know when patient PHI could exist in your logs. Datica's dedicated logging approach gives you an ELK stack in a compliant environment.

Intrusion Detection

Trusted methodologies

Datica deploys the industry-leading HIDS solution OSSec, configured in a compliant way with monitoring, alerting, and reporting in mind.

Vulnerability Scanning

Automatic monitoring on your behalf

To quickly and accurately identify vulnerabilities, Datica employs Tenable's Nessus solution as a part of our compliant monitoring strategy.

Rich technology support for HIPAA compliant hosting of digital health applications

The latest open source languages

Use the language which best fits your application. Compliant Cloud doesn’t limit you to proprietary languages or a single option.

The most popular databases in the world

Pick your preference. Compliant Cloud handles the latest leading database technologies, and automatically configures them to be compliant.

Mature utilities

From workers to caching, Compliant Cloud gives you the flexibility to configure your environments your way with useful add-ons.

File storage and distribution

From workers to caching, Compliant Cloud gives you the flexibility to configure your environments your way with useful add-ons.

The experience you deserve, with a full suite of tools available at your fingertips. Datica's dashboard makes building apps engaging and fun.

Datica Compliant Cloud

Optimized for web and mobile

The dashboard is designed for the best experience on both web and mobile platforms.

Command Line Interface

The Datica CLI gives engineers access to the control they need within the tools they are used to.