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HIPAA / HITRUST Self Assessment Guide
Guide Preview

This lightweight self-assessment worksheet illuminates the cloud requirements of HIPAA that you need to plan for in your own digital health product.

HIPAA Compliance
Datica Blog

ONC-CMS Final Rules, Part 3 – Innovation

Dave Levin, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Part three of the series dives deeper into final rules intended to promote competition as a means to drive innovation.

event-note March 24, 2020
Datica Podcasts

ONC Final Rules on Information Blocking - Part 1

Michael Lipinski & Mark Knee, JD

Director of the Regulatory Affairs Division & Senior Policy Advisor at ONC

Part one of our ONC Final Rules interview series frames up the conversation around information blocking – why are these rules being put in place and how do they impact data exchange for health IT?

event-note March 31, 2020
Know the complete compliance state of your cloud environment
Solving Healthcare Compliance in a Post-Cloud World White Paper
Guide Preview

In this white paper, we explore the critical factors behind cloud compliance for companies in the extremely regulated industry of healthcare.

Healthcare Cloud