Customer Spotlights

Coalfire: HITRUST: Datica’s “No Small Feat” Certification Journey

Abe Dress, Managing Senior Consultant at Coalfire, states “The HITRUST certification process can be an arduous course of action, even for those organizations that have a robust security program." Learn more about Datica's HITRUST certification journey with Coalfire.

Cordata Gains Compliance Confidence from Clients and Investors with Datica

Discover how Datica helped Cordata strengthen its compliance in this case study by building a HIPAA compliant infrastructure without interrupting engineer workflows. This allowed Cordata to gain greater confidence in its own security practices and create opportunities.

How a Major Health System Transformed Patient Lives, Clinician Care, and Saved Money

David Deas and Methodist Le Bonheur (MLH) have a mandate to improve patient care, the lives of clinicians, and save the organization money in the process.

InsightRX: Precision medicine made simple through machine learning and quantitative pharmacology

The answer to "one-size-fits-all" approach to medical dosing, InsightRX is precision medicine made simple through machine learning and quantitative pharmacology.

Mpirik: The Right Care At the Right Time

How Mpirik uses artificial intelligence technology to end the undertreatment of cardiovascular disease.

See how HealthLoop saves operational costs with Datica

In this case study, we discuss how HealthLoop saved over $132,000 annually, the value in zero lock-in services, and Datica's commitment to scalability, communication, and responsibility.

Lyniate Acquires Integrate from Datica