Customer Spotlights

Advanced Data Integration Helps Deliver Next-Gen Telepharmacy

PipelineRx uses Datica Integrate to streamline access to real-time EHR data and improve telepharmacy workflows and patient safety.

Arcadia Healthcare Solutions brings value-based performance management to the healthcare organizations

Connecting data in the absence of sufficient standards is a large structural problem in healthcare. Arcadia solves those big problems for health plans and provider groups nationwide.

Build Versus Buy: A Case Study in Accelerated EHR Integrations

This case study delves into how to solve data exchange dilemmas when data requirements fall outside the scope of traditional standards, how to bridge the gap between industry-wide promise of interoperability and current data exchange needs, and the various factors that weigh into a “build versus buy” decision that have bottom line impact.

CareMessage: Using technology to connect lower-income patients with caring providers

CareMessage helps reduce complications for patients who struggle with health and language communication, which positively affect the patient/provider relationship. “They not only can be more efficient, but also more effective in seeing patients in a timely manner. Even more importantly for these healthcare stakeholders, revenue goes up.”

Clockwise.MD: Improving patient satisfaction with timing technology

Clockwise.MD turns one-time patients into patients for life with online self-scheduling and virtual queue management designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Clockwise.MD is well positioned to leverage the success facilitating a smarter way to approach scheduling.

Cordata Gains Compliance Confidence from Clients and Investors with Datica

Discover how Datica helped Cordata strengthen its compliance in this case study by building a HIPAA compliant infrastructure without interrupting engineer workflows. This allowed Cordata to gain greater confidence in its own security practices and create opportunities.

Cota: Fundamentally changing how data informs every healthcare decision

The rapidly growing startup is solving one of one of healthcare's hardest problems: finding a way to provide a universal data model for healthcare to help physicians improve the standards of care.

CSD Protect Personal Health Information and Expand Employment Opportunity

In 1975, CSD set out to expand communication access for the deaf and hard of hearing. As technology becomes more available to help bridge the communication gap between those who are deaf and hard of hearing, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) plays the important part of protecting interpreter interactions.

DispatchHealth: A company at the epicenter of the shift to value-based care as it redefines healthcare delivery

Founded in 2013, DispatchHealth is a provider of mobile and virtual healthcare. Their goal is to create an integrated, convenient, high touch triage and care delivery solution that extends the capabilities of a patient’s care team and provides definitive, quality care in the home while decreasing costs.

DocbookMD Saves $360K and Puts Integration at the Center of its Critical Collaboration Platform

In this case study you’ll discover four reasons why DocbookMD saw Datica as the cohesive answer to integrations, the savings in upfront engineering costs DocbookMD obtained, and how DocbookMD made systems integration the center of its value proposition.

How a Major Health System Transformed Patient Lives, Clinician Care, and Saved Money

David Deas and Methodist Le Bonheur (MLH) have a mandate to improve patient care, the lives of clinicians, and save the organization money in the process.

How healthfinch uses technology to automate, delegate and simplify repeatable clinical tasks

Madison-based healthfinch has been solving such clinical challenges for the past five years and is helping healthcare organizations become more efficient while simultaneously improving patient satisfaction.

InsightRX: Precision medicine made simple through machine learning and quantitative pharmacology

The answer to "one-size-fits-all" approach to medical dosing, InsightRX is precision medicine made simple through machine learning and quantitative pharmacology.

Metabahn: Digital Agency Identifies Solution to Healthcare Industry Barriers

In this case study, you will learn how the challege of compliance can detract from an agency's core competency, Datica's commitment to being a partner through the compliance process, and how Datica has helped give Metabahn the foundation it needs to break into the healthcare market.

Mpirik: The Right Care At the Right Time

How Mpirik uses artificial intelligence technology to end the undertreatment of cardiovascular disease.

Propeller Health and Datica: Solving Integration and Workflows to Improve Pediatric Asthma Care

In this case study we delve into how an innovative workflow was created to bypass the data restrictions of the EHR, how patient and caregiver data were amalgamated to be read as a singular data source, and how successful integrations were positioned for the future.

Purple Binder: Technology that bridges healthcare systems and social services to impact patient outcomes

Datica customer Purple Binder seeks to put resources in the hand of every hospital social worker.

See how HealthLoop saves operational costs with Datica

In this case study, we discuss how HealthLoop saved over $132,000 annually, the value in zero lock-in services, and Datica's commitment to scalability, communication, and responsibility.

Spok: Fast Track to Efficient Care Collaboration

How Spok's solutions deliver information quickly and securely into the hands of hospital staff who need to act on it through advanced integration.

Streamlining Care for America's Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs wanted to help veterans with PTSD by getting new forms of care as fast as possible. They looked to Datica to help build the infrastructure that enabled the team to go from ideation to deployed mobile apps in the hands of veterans in under 90 days.

Zipnosis: Scalable, compliant integration with any EHR

This case study dives into how Zipnosis saves 150 man hours per HL7 integration, why Datica's dedication to service is a defining differentiation, and how the Datica platform best met three core criteria when evaluating several infrastructure providers.