Customer Spotlight: Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

How a Major Health System Transformed Patient Lives, Clinician Care, and Saved Money

How a Major Health System Transformed Patient Lives, Clinician Care, and Saved Money David Deas and Methodist Le Bonheur (MLH) have a mandate to improve patient care, the lives of clinicians, and save the organization money in the process.


As a 20+ year veteran of healthcare and a computer scientist by trade, David knows a thing or two about how to get work done within the confines of healthcare’s regulations or internal IT politics. In the 90s, he was tasked with implementing Cerner at MLH. Now, in his role as MLH’s head of innovation, he is charged with faster-paced objectives where speed-to-market is imperative. His challenge: Internal IT. At AWS re:Invent, Datica and MLH conduct a joint presentation, where Deas speaks about the “Ticket Hell” he must navigate to provision any technical resources for his team. Internal IT only ever budgets the necessary compute cores and hard drives needed for what has been forecasted a year out. When fast-paced projects come online, he describes the “robbing Peter to pay Paul” scenario. The cloud is a perfect solution for his team. Unfortunately, he faces a compounding resource problem: None of his team members are DevOps or security experts, and he is never granted authority to hire for this skill set since it would become a “shadow IT” risk to the security group.

The Cloud Compliance Solution

Deas contacts Datica to solve his dilemma. As a HITRUST CSF Certified platform, any MLH issues with trusting an external partner are immediately calmed. “Everyone at MLH put their weapons away and instead started to talk about how to solve problems,” Deas tells the AWS re:Invent audience. Datica helps David become a partner to the internal IT and internal security teams. “When I heard that Datica would take direct calls from my security group, I knew I found a partner who could help me be successful,” he adds. Since Datica removes the DevOps and DevSecOps burdens associated with putting workloads on the cloud, he sees no need to hire new staff members. His team of developers can spin up new containers and environments in a matter of minutes vs. months.

Datica Enables Compliance, Security and Speed

AWS offers different services, or cloud primitives, to provide a great amount of flexibility in order to make it possible for any AWS healthcare developer like those at MLH to bundle what they need for their application’s infrastructure. Some well-known examples of these services are Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and Amazon RDS. Datica bundles a subset of those primitives together into the Datica Platform to address the specific use case of building, maintaining, and running a cloud-based digital health application that creates, receives, maintains, or transmits PHI in a HIPAA compliant manner.

Datica’s HIPAA mappings benefit MLH by eliminating the need for the labor, expense, or time of all of the above, while passing the risk of compliance onto Datica for everything its extensive BAA covers.


At the end of 2017, Deas says that MLH has gone from months getting instances and servers going to literally hours. MLH has now shipped more projects while using Datica than the healthcare organization ever thought possible.

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The Datica Platform manages all ongoing compliance and security burdens not covered by AWS and Microsoft Azure. Through the Platform, customers deploy cloud-native applications and integrate with EHRs. Datica is HITRUST CSF Certified, and services all who handle PHI in the cloud, from startups to the Fortune 100. For more information, go to

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