Customer Spotlight: Mpirik

Mpirik: The Right Care At the Right Time

The Challenge

Despite the integration of healthcare systems and improvement of data collection, many patients with heart disease continue to experience significant delay in treatment. Late treatment potentially compromises patient outcomes and leads to excessive cost. The root cause of this issue is not the slow adoption of new technology, but the way in which patient healthcare data is screened for accurate and timely diagnosis. The process of screening data remains manual. This leads to inconsistency in the diagnosis of a patient, which often leads to delay and further complications.

The Solution

Mpirik’s platform aims to eliminate the manual, tedious and inefficient patient data screening processes, ultimately closing the undertreatment gap to zero for heart valve disease. Cardiac Intelligence™ is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform helping clinicians leverage the consistency of a computer algorithm to objectively screen patients with cardiovascular disorders at scale. The platform leverages natural language processing (NLP) to analyze an echocardiogram and identify critical data points. Following this, the platform runs the data through its proprietary rule-based engines, issues a recommendation based on clinically validated guidelines resulting in patient’s access to the appropriate next level of care.

The Impact

Eliminate undertreatment by improving clinical access for cardiac patients

  • Automated quality initiative
  • High speed reporting
  • Increase appropriate referrals
  • Research opportunities

About Mpirik

Mpirik provides a suite of software including cloud-based automated patient screening for cardiovascular disease, patient communication, and a data collection/analysis platform. We enable health care professionals to make informed decisions. Moving forward, we will integrate with more healthcare systems and expand the capabilities of our platform, thereby ensuring a significant improvement in the screening, recommendation and management of cardiac diseases.

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