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Scaling a National Telehealth Platform with HIPAA and HITRUST Compliance in The Cloud


Wellocity is a San Jose-based digital therapeutics company that provides a turnkey HIPAA compliant platform for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). This includes a branded portal for recruiting patients with frictionless onboarding and a prediabetes risk test; a coach portal for program management and reporting; and an app for patients for telehealth to access the curriculum and logging meals, exercise, and weight. Wellocity is an integral part of the care ecosystem – getting patients and providers the information they need to prevent and manage diabetes successfully.


The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) issued an RFP for a platform that can be used to manage a nationwide program to improve diabetes control among health center patients while tackling diabetes prevention.

This was a new and exciting opportunity for Wellocity to present its telehealth platform to meet the goals of the NACHC. "Winning this contract required a comprehensive solution that scaled, and our compliance and security had to be top-notch even to be considered a legitimate contender to win this RFP with the NACHC." Sameer Kanagala, CEO at Wellocity, knew this better than anyone else.


The NACHC represents 1,375 FQHCs in the United States across all states and territories, serving over 29 million of the nation's most vulnerable patients. To win this RFP, Wellocity had to demonstrate it could provide the right feature sets, workflows, and data management for critical health information. This also included ensuring participant data/progress is secured and shared in a HIPAA compliant manner, and with patient’s permission while showing the solution would have no problems scaling to meet demand.


As a long-term customer, Wellocity knew that Datica would provide usability and scalability of AWS on-demand, while maintaining the level of HIPAA and HITRUST compliance they've come to expect for years. The hope was that combined with their digital therapeutics solution and security policies and procedures, automated cloud configuration and remediation, and evidence collection streamlining provided by Datica, the NACHC would see Wellocity as the best-in-class product for them to select for this big project.


After showcasing an incredible product that demonstrates the ability to improve the lives of diabetes patients through digital therapeutics combined with the gold standard in compliance automation and configuration, Wellocity proved to be the right choice for NACHC. For Wellocity, this helps them continue to expand their reputation and footprint in the digital therapeutics space. Scaling compliant infrastructure or deploying new code via CI/CD to meet the project's needs is achieved with just a few clicks in the DCC web interface – all with peace of mind.

We are so excited to be able to support the NACHC and the millions of patients they serve. With help from Datica, we can give them complete assurance their data is safe and secure. - Sameer Kanagala, CEO, Wellocity

About Wellocity

Wellocity Health is a digital therapeutics platform company that offers a B2B SaaS telehealth platform for delivering evidence-based personalized programs in English and Spanish focused on diabetes prevention and care. The Wellocity platform enables virtual delivery for the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) and Diabetes Self-management Program (DSME) to increase access, improve outcomes and make the best use of a limited supply of lifestyle coaches and certified diabetes educators.

Wellocity powers branded diabetes prevention programs for health systems, health plans, FQHCs, PBMs, State and Local public health departments, and community-based organizations (CBOs).

About Datica

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