Customer Spotlight: Healthloop

See how HealthLoop saves operational costs with Datica

Mountain View, California based health IT company uses hosting dissatisfaction to fuel switch to a new provider that improved communication and rendered significant cost savings.

“Switching hosting companies is saving our company $132,000 per year.”Mayank Thanawala, Vice President of Research & Development, HealthLoop


When healthcare IT company HealthLoop became increasingly disappointed with its current hosting company and its hosting costs, three other events happened simultaneously: 1. A major revision in HealthLoop’s HIPAA policy/procedures 2. The need for better deployment 3. Realization that maintaining compliance would require more people than the company had available For HealthLoop’s Vice President of Research and Development Mayank Thanawala, three critical factors would play into the decision about which company would ultimately garner their hosting business: scalability, better communication, and responsibility.

Ultimately, HealthLoop turned to the Datica Compliant Cloud – a more stable, secure, and scalable infrastructure that gave the company more time to focus on its product.

After imparting its value in technical expertise, Datica solidified the contract and met with HealthLoop on multiple occasions, always having a technical representative present in each discussion. “In many instances, Datica knew more about the subject matter than I did,” explains Thanawala.


Over the course of two weeks, the Datica team examined the HealthLoop issues raised about its previous hosting company and offered a solution to improve quality at a desired cost savings.

Datica Compliant Cloud afforded HealthLoop a flexible, scalable, and highly available compliant hosting solution that was in line with what HealthLoop needed, and did not restrict or lock-in HealthLoop to certain technologies.

“Datica surprised us when they proposed a customized solution; with our previous hosting company it was always ‘take it or leave it.’”Mayank Thanawala, Vice President of Research & Development, HealthLoop


The Datica team learned that, as with many IT companies, a certain level of fear existed around HealthLoop opportunities that might produce a huge surge in traffic that the engineering team couldn’t handle. “With the previous Texas-based hosting company, adding more servers at significantly more money would have been required,” explains Thanawala. Datica offered a scalable solution that was more financially attractive.


HealthLoop shared that at least two times its server had gone down and the previous hosting company had failed to notify the team. “In one incident, the hosting company closed a port and that caused our disk to fill up, which caused the server to go down,” says Thanawala. “We found out about it through one of our customers, not from the company, so monitoring would remain a big deal.”

After switching to Datica, the company dodged a bullet when one of the disks on the server almost filled up. “In this case, the root cause was my own, but what a difference in communication,” says Thanawala. “I got an alert, my team got an alert, and we even received a call from Datica alerting us that something critical was happening.”


Datica discovered that HealthLoop’s previous hosting company and one other competitor in Arizona took a shared responsibility approach to managing the system. “With Datica Compliant Cloud, it’s mostly a Datica responsibility,” explains Thanawala. HealthLoop explains this is the type of full-service the company needed.


With the Datica Compliant Cloud, Thanawala has calculated a savings of $132,000 annually. Added to that are savings in time, responsibility, and overall improvements in communication that Thanawala says will ultimately make a big difference to their clients.


HealthLoop keeps doctors, patients, and caregivers connected between visits with insightful, actionable, and engaging information delivered via a cloud-based platform that automates follow-up care. Routine aspects of care, including tracking patient progress and monitoring clinical areas of concern, are automated with HealthLoop’s peer-reviewed follow-up plans. HealthLoop’s analytics engine sifts through and filters the deluge of patient-generated data in real-time, focusing the care team’s time and attention on patients who need them the most. For more information on HealthLoop, visit


Datica (formerly Catalyze) makes digital health in the cloud a reality by removing the risks that prevent its adoption. We turn HIPAA compliance on public infrastructure providers into a solved problem, and enable secure clinical data exchange between mission-critical digital health applications and EHR systems. Datica serves healthcare’s complete spectrum, from digital health startups and industry leaders to health systems across the nation. Hundreds of customers and partners trust Datica to ensure their clouds are HITRUST certified and data securely interoperable. For more information, visit

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