Customer Spotlight: Department of Veterans Affairs

Streamlining Care for America's Veterans

Impact on Engagement Goals and Outcomes

Key Points

  • An internal team at the VA needed to find a unifying platform for the many PTSD applications they wanted to deliver to patients, while also gaining new levels of insight into how those apps were used
  • The Datica Compliant Cloud w/mobile services was a perfect fit
  • Timeline of new application deployment was condensed from months to days


This project used Datica’s Compliant Cloud combined with custom services. To learn more, visit


The Department of Veterans Affairs was looking for modern, clinically-proven ways to engage with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) patients. They targeted a series of mobile applications. The rapid prototyping process used by internal innovation teams was slowed due to inflexible infrastructure. Those that were deployed were hosted on different platforms. The result was a delay in getting new patient engagement tools in the hands of veterans suffering from PTSD. Additional problems existed in the team’s lack of visibility into how patients were using the mobile applications; outside of clinical trials or in-person conversions, feedback was difficult to gather.


The internal team charged with bringing these new apps to patients turned to Datica to accelerate their rate of prototyping. Using the Datica Compliant Cloud combined with custom mobile backend services, the team could iterate and test application ideas. Deploying completed applications became an exercise that took hours instead of weeks. The Datica solution also helped researchers capture metrics on usage and duration further helping with research and quality improvements.


By leveraging Datica’s infrastructure services, the team at The VA were able to address patient engagement. Veterans suffering from PTSD and their families immediately gained access to new self-help and tracking tools. Services previously restricted to in-person interaction were made virtual making them more broadly available to more patients than ever before. Patient care was improved and costs were reduced, leading to the VA exceeding two patient engagement metrics. Furthermore, usage of the new mobile applications allowed researchers to understand the value of the tools and improve them on an ongoing basis.


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