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Datica Case Study

DocbookMD Saves $360K and Puts Integration at the Center of its Critical Collaboration Platform

Datica shares an opinion and vision about physician-oriented integrations that resonates with growth stage companies, like Austin-based DocbookMD. This case study explains how we took the upfront burden of engineering costs off a fast growing healthcare IT company and made systems integrations a core component of the company’s critical collaboration platform for physician communication.

In this case study you’ll discover:

  • Four reasons why DocbookMD saw Datica as the cohesive answer to integrations
  • The savings in upfront engineering costs DocbookMD obtained
  • How DocbookMD made systems integration the center of its value proposition
At some point, we realized, it’s not worth it to do ourselves; we should just scale with Datica.
Tim Gueramy, MD
Tim Gueramy, MD

Cofounder and CEO

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