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Deas says that MLH has gone from months getting instances and servers—going to just hours.

We were dying to use the cloud but were really stuck: We knew we wanted to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) but there were all these things we couldn't do to make that work, like HIPAA compliant DevOps, HITRUST, and infrastructure security. Datica puts us in the situation where we can get back to our core competency because they handle everything we need to be able to use AWS.
David Deas
David Deas

Corporate Director, Innovation and Knowledge Analytics

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How a Major Health System Transformed Patient Lives, Clinician Care, and Saved Money
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Digital Agency Identifies Solution to Healthcare Industry Barriers

Datica quickly became the only option for us.
Bryan Powell
Bryan Powell

Founder and CEO

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Metabahn: Digital Agency Identifies Solution to Healthcare Industry Barriers
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Datica helps customers reduce cost and complexity

Datica surprised us when they proposed a customized solution; with our previous hosting company it was always – ‘take it or leave it.’
Mayank Thanawala
Mayank Thanawala

Chief Technology Officer

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See how HealthLoop saves operational costs with Datica
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Datica has helped the Department of Veterans Affairs with many internal projects, such as patient engagement.

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Streamlining Care for America's Veterans
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Datica helps customers build trust with stakeholders

We are seeking to build confidence with many stakeholders. When I mention Datica, I get nods of recognition and no more questions asked about infrastructure.
Gary Winzenread
Gary Winzenread

CEO and President

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Cordata Gains Compliance Confidence from Clients and Investors with Datica
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Datica helps customers scale

They met our goals, and, along the way, we discovered that Datica shared our view about the next generation of healthcare integration.
Derek Rockwell
Derek Rockwell

Director of Engineering

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Zipnosis: Scalable, compliant integration with any EHR
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