Datica Cloud Compliance

Datica Cloud Compliance (DCC) provides automation and tooling to provision and deploy AWS cloud resources that are compliant with major frameworks, like HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 2, and more in a matter of minutes.

Perpetual infrastructure compliance

Compliance lifecycle automation on DCC gives you everything you need to build, maintain and document your compliant infrastructure in a single monthly subscription.


Choose an environment name and bring your application from a code repository or Docker image.


Select, build, and manage the AWS cloud resources needed to run and support your application.


Utilize DCC compliance tools and the AWS console for a 360 view of your account, environment, and cloud resources.


Instantly generate evidence tied to your AWS infrastructure and business.

Keep compliance on AWS simple

With compliance being a required but generally low priority activity, the effort of getting and staying compliant needs to remain minimal, but with so many pieces to the infrastructure puzzle when using AWS, covering all your bases can be a challenge.

Datica Cloud Compliance (DCC) helps you automate infrastructure provisioning, configuration, deployments, maintenance, and remediation with just a few clicks.

Don't re-invent the (documentation) wheel

Audits and certification preparation tend to be the most involved part of the compliance process because they encapsulate:

  • Policy design

  • Policy management

  • Evidence collection

  • Summary reporting

Instead of doing all the certification preparedness activities yourself and possibly letting your project scope blow up, shave months off preparing for every assessment with automated policy generation and evidence gathering.

Reduce complexity and ambiguity

For any change in your AWS account, DCC uses compliance lifecycle automation to confirm the hundreds of configurations that keep you perpetually compliant with HIPAA HITRUST, SOC 2, and more.

You are insulated from needing to make many mundane, but albeit critical decisions for your AWS infrastructure, like defining CIDR ranges, gateways, subnets, load balancers, namespaces, and clusters.


Everything you need to deploy your compliant app

Bring Your Own Code

Connect a code repository and maintain a CI/CD pipeline, bring a Docker image, or utilize Cloud Native Buildpacks to automate compliant code deployments.

A Powerful Compliance API

A web UI coupled with a powerful API, gives you flexibilty in how you deploy, manage, and automate infrastructure.

Native AWS Everything

A dedicated AWS account, direct AWS console access, and growing library of compliant AWS cloud resources keep you in control.

Compliance & Security Monitoring

Take advantage of tools and dashboards for continuously monitoring compliance of your AWS account, environments, and cloud services.

Perpetual Compliance

As part of compliance lifecycle automation, Datica regularly updates cloud configurations and policy templates in accordance with the latest changes from major compliance frameworks.


By default, you won't be able to deploy production infrastructure that is not compliant. You have the ability to choose your level of auto-remediation based on your risk tolerance or business requirements.

Datica Cloud Compliance Technical Overview

DCC works quietly in the background to provide configuration guard rails required to keep the infrastructure for you SaaS application compliant. Configuration automation works seamlessly with your CI/CD pipeline and keeps the control of your architecture. Performance and software update designs for your application stay with your team, where they belong.

Supporting major compliance frameworks

Trusted by leading technology companies


  • With DCC AWS services are configured based on Datica’s review of HITRUST, SOC 2, etc. requirements for data processing and storage, which allow you to be compliant out of the gate. Undergoing an audit or certification is an activity that you must pursue yourself because it is specific for your company, but we are here to speed and support your certification journey.

  • When you sign up, a net new account is created under Datica, but still attributed to and billed to you. You own the account and any AWS charges will be billed directly to Amazon through us with payment history and expected charges accessible within DCC. It is functionally your account and you can take everything with you if we ever part ways.

  • The promise of these solutions is that you'll be able to hook up your current technology stack and their software will tell your team what you need to go fix and where to fix it. This doesn't prevent you from deploying in a non-compliant manner, or even save you time having to actually do those compliance activities. You could even integrate your compliant DCC AWS account to one of these services, if you so choose.

  • No, we are compliance automation and tooling for infrastructure. Managed service providers use a large team of technical and compliance folks to fully manage your environment. We give you the infrastructure to deploy your environments and applications in a compliant manner, keeping you in control of your application.

Take 5 minutes. Get compliant on AWS.