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Why should health data exchange be so inefficient and costly, when information is easily – even instantaneously – accessible in almost all other aspects of our modern lives?

Emissary helps you implement effortlessly, innovate brilliantly, deliver value swiftly and scale confidently.

Emissary is a proven API solution

Emissary is a proven application programming interface (API) solution that allows healthcare information to be exchanged across any EHR platform – while ensuring the utmost security for PHI.

Modern times call for modern measures. Emissary allows you to focus on your product – not on the integration. Within days, you are up and running with comprehensive APIs that work across EHRs.

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How is Datica Emissary different from Datica CMI?

Datica CMI is a compliant application package that alleviates the hardships of working with standards-based interoperability, such as HL7v2 or FHIR.

Datica Emissary is a centralized API toolset that is installed within the data systems on-site at the hospital, such as EHRs, thus giving unprecedented access, control, and scalability of clinical data.

Hello Emissary. Goodbye data silos.

Emissary makes health data liquid. It provides a robust set of REST APIs that read and write to EHRs through EHR vendor-supported software modules. It standardizes EHR integration through universal real-time APIs and a unified data model. To connect to an EHR, health IT partners code once to the Emissary APIs. Emissary also provides tools to assist with the monitoring and management of the environment, including advanced security and auditing features.

Save time

Customers implement 80% faster, dramatically reducing the burden on IT staff.

Slash costs

Cut integration efforts by as much as 75%.

Streamline processes

Automate workflows for maximum efficiency.

Support any platform

Scale rapidly with turnkey integration across EHRs.

Secure data

Protect real-time data exchange with advanced authentication and encryption.

Solve problems

Deliver the right information to the right person in the best possible application.

See Emissary in action

We’re solving health IT’s most pressing challenge today. Our Emissary platform enables seamless data exchange between EHRs and with leading-edge administration and clinical applications.

See how Emissary enables complete, real-time access to patient records, preventing a life-threatening condition that otherwise would be missed.

Datica Integration Guides

Healthcare integration is complex. Our guides can help you see the way through.

In this guide, we explain our methodology for calculating healthcare integration total cost of ownership. We make the case that modern, cloud-based technology has fundamentally changed the TCO formula.

Guide Preview

This guide is designed to be an educational piece for those just getting started with healthcare integration. It outlines the typical considerations, the technology required, and the players involved.

Guide Preview

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