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Digital Health Success Framework eBook

Your month-by-month playbook to get your digital health product from napkin scribble to market adoption with fewer surprises

With expert authors:

This downloadable version of the Digital Health Success Framework (DHSF) is a simple guide for the makers of digital healthcare products.

The Internet is full of resources to help turn ideas into lean startups or businesses, but things are a little different in the wild wild west of digital health technology. There are considerations in healthcare not found in any other industry, and no one has time to learn them all.

We’ve simplified the unique complexities to help you get your digital health products from napkin scribble to market adoption with fewer surprises. You will leave with a better understanding of how to manage the challenges ahead.

Look inside the Digital Health Success Framework for guidance on:

  • Compliance: Understand why HIPAA matters and how to make it an asset, not a liability
  • Infrastructure: Adopt the cloud with fewer complexities
  • Application: Ensure your app meets the security requirements for healthcare data
  • Integration: Make sense of data exchange with legacy EHR systems
  • Pilots: Learn the importance of pilots and how to set them up for success
  • Evidence: Evidence is gospel in the practice of medicine. It can take too long for it to reach general practice, but it is the way patient care changes are evaluated and ultimately adopted.


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