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FHIR Interoperability Guide

Datica Guide: FHIR Interoperability Guide

The definitive FHIR guide written by industry experts

The years of guiding customers through successful healthcare integrations has taught us a thing or two about interoperability standards. FHIR is the evolution of HL7 and the potential future, but it’s confusing and difficult to understand. This guide will explain at a high level the basics of FHIR. You will be prepped with a need-to-know foundation which will make you more knowledgable on the topic than 95% of healthcare.

The Datica guide to FHIR will paint a clear picture. Included in the guide:

  • FHIR Overview: Why FHIR?
  • FHIR by design
  • FHIR Resources: The building blocks
  • EHR integrations with FHIR
  • What the industry says
  • Where is it now and where is it going?

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