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FHIR Interoperability Guide

So you want to know the basics about FHIR? Chances are you have already heard plenty of industry buzz, but what you probably discovered is the available explanatory resources simply aren’t cutting it. Just as with HIPAA, our team of experts will be your trustworthy guide on all things FHIR as its widespread implementation unfolds.

The definitive FHIR guide written by industry experts

The years of guiding customers through successful healthcare integrations has taught us a thing or two about interoperability standards. FHIR is the evolution of HL7 and the potential future, but it’s confusing and difficult to understand. This guide will explain at a high level the basics of FHIR. You will be prepped with a need-to-know foundation which will make you more knowledgable on the topic than 95% of healthcare.

The Datica guide to FHIR will paint a clear picture. Included in the guide:

  • FHIR Overview: Why FHIR?
  • FHIR by design
  • FHIR Resources: The building blocks
  • EHR integrations with FHIR
  • What the industry says
  • Where is it now and where is it going?

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