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How API Technology Enhances Privacy and Security and Protects Patient Data

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With expert authors:

Anyone with Internet access is now accustomed to immediate, real-time connectivity that brings the world to their computer or smart device. The demand to purchase, post, pin, and pick anything from any website is more pervasive than ever before. And it’s all made possible by application programming interfaces (APIs).

At the most basic level, healthcare organizations have been using APIs for a decade – maybe more – whether their IT leaders realized it or not.

This white paper provides insight and answers into the current fear, uncertainty and doubt that continues to exist among many health IT leaders and addresses: - The differences between health IT privacy and security - How APIs have evolved to ensure patient data remains secure as it is used by clinicians and other staff - How security measures used by API technology and Health Level 7 (HL7) systems compare - The behavioral aspects of security that come into play when employees share or transport important data - The advantages of API stateless nature vs. traditional file transfer