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How to Integrate with Hospitals

An introduction to EHR integration for digital health vendors

With expert authors:

Integration is a journey, not an API or a problem easily solved by consultants. It is a multi-step process laden with missteps and misinformation, but a key step on any digital health vendor's road to product success.

This guide is designed to be an educational piece for those just getting started with healthcare integration. It outlines the typical path, the technology required, and the players involved.

The Datica guide to hospital integration will explain the typical process of an integration. Included in the guide:

  • What is healthcare integration?

  • The importance of an integration strategy

  • Your business plan and product workflow dictates needs

  • The integration technology landscape

  • Building your integration team

  • Developing a hospital integration plan

  • Scaling integrations

  • Today's integration challenges

  • The solution to healthcare integration