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Total Cost of Ownership of Compliance in the Cloud

Datica Guide: Total Cost of Ownership of Compliance in the Cloud

The comprehensive guide to healthcare compliance TCO

There’s much to know about both compliance and cloud management and that knowledge requires a significant investment in time, education, personnel, and money. This guide will help makers of digital health products make informed decisions about whether to “build” cloud compliance themselves, or “buy” it in the form of the Datica Platform.

Inside the guide, it explains the considerations of compliance and cloud management in healthcare and offers a framework to understand the activities, resources, and cost estimates for each of those considerations. We show how Datica addresses those requirements in some detail and how you as a customer benefit from building your application on the Datica Platform. These estimates are based on our extensive experience working with multiple third-party auditors and multiple cloud infrastructure providers (like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or IBM Softlayer).

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The Datica guide to healthcare integration total cost of ownership will help give you the knowledge to determine your own TCO calculation. Included in the guide:

  • Understanding Compliance in the Cloud
  • The Total Cost of Ownership Framework Explained
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Adding It all Up
  • Datica Pricing