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Total cost of Ownership of Healthcare Integrations

Learn the true costs of healthcare integration in 2019

With expert authors:

New for 2019! Get help deciding whether to build or buy EHR integrations with a walk through all the costs and considerations.

Calculating total cost of ownership is an important project for any technology leader yet the hidden process costs of healthcare integrations can make that difficult to determine.

When deciding if it's better to build your own integrations or buy a product or service, the "right" answer is the one that best fits your own organizational needs.

The Datica guide to healthcare integration total cost of ownership will help give you the knowledge to determine your own TCO calculation and make that build or buy decision.

Included in the guide:

  • People - roles and responsibilities

  • Components of work efforts and effort estimates

  • The cost of getting things wrong at the start

  • Infrastructure and VPN connectivity

  • Implementation & testing

  • Integration engine costs

  • Go-Live

  • Ongoing maintenance and uptime