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The best HIPAA compliant web hosting provider is also healthcare's digital health platform of choice

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Datica goes beyond simple web hosting. We offer the industry's best compliant platform, relieving the technical burden other hosting providers force as your responsibility.

We have been independently audited three times against the OCR HIPAA audit protocol. Our team consists of industry veterans and leaders.

Focus on building your apps, not hosting them.

Datica is HITRUST CSF Certified

Datica is HITRUST CSF Certified

Datica has been selected as a premier hosting partner by many of healthcare's best health systems and digital health companies.

Johnson & Johnson Zipnosis Healthloop BSC healthfinch BCGDV Propeller Health Hennepin County Medical Center COTA CirrusMD Stony Brook Optum University of Kansas Hospital Hurley Medical Center The VA University of Washington Methodist Lebonheur Hospital

HIPAA compliant web hosting explained

Achieving compliance takes a lot more than one would think. For you, a software developer who handles Protected Health Information, going with a regular host means you are now responsible for the following:

  • Encrypting your data both in transit and at rest.
  • Dedicated logging that tracks every time your environment is accessed, what events occurred, and the duration of sessions.
  • Monitoring like intrusion detection and vulnerability scanning.
  • Disaster recovery, and mind that backups must be restored in line with most healthcare BAAs, which can be as short as 6 hours after incident.
  • Breach notification policy and processes.

Most likely your HIPAA compliant web hosting provider doesn't handle all this for you. They are compliant at a small slice of HIPAA's requirements. Like most web hosting providers, they will give you root access to a basic box and send you on your way without additional help.

The quickest way to compliance is to choose a HIPAA compliant hosting partner who maintains everything else you need. Enter Datica, healthcare's trusted digital health platform.

compliant cloud

Compliant Cloud

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