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How does healthcare innovate? Datica explores this topic in a new series of interviews with the industry's top thinkers and doers. Join us as we uncover insights to catalyzing change in healthcare.

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2019 Predictions for Healthcare Technology

Insights on the year ahead in healthcare tech from Travis Good, MD
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Know the complete compliance state of your cloud environment

Solving Healthcare Compliance in a Post-Cloud World White Paper

Moving to the cloud is inevitable. Developers building software for regulated industries such as healthcare, are leveraging managed services, but often struggle with the privacy, security, and compliance implications of using the different services that cloud providers offer.

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Rethinking Healthcare Technology

Expansive, useful, and original insights from key leaders about the complicated and multi-dimensional effort of digital transformation and innovation in the health care environment.

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4x4 Health Podcast

ONC Final Rules on Information Blocking - Part 1

Michael Lipinski & Mark Knee, JD
Michael Lipinski & Mark Knee, JD

Director of the Regulatory Affairs Division & Senior Policy Advisor at ONC

March 31, 2020

Part one of our ONC Final Rules interview series frames up the conversation around information blocking – why are these rules being put in place and how do they impact data exchange for health IT?

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Help your startup navigate regulation.

The Digital Health Success Framework is a simple guide for the makers of digital healthcare products.

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