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2019 Predictions for Healthcare Technology

Insights on the year ahead in healthcare tech from Travis Good, MD
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The Definitive Book on Cloud Compliance

Complete Cloud Compliance: Chapter 2 - What really is compliance?

Complete Cloud Compliance is a program developed after years of managing high-stakes compliance requirements across mission critical healthcare workloads. It is a chance to control destiny. The program is written for healthcare organizations, but all while under the principle that best practices are best practices, meaning the insights shared can be applied across global regimes and any industry.

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Rethinking Healthcare Technology

Expansive, useful, and original insights from key leaders about the complicated and multi-dimensional effort of digital transformation and innovation in the health care environment.

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Healthcare Innovators Podcast

Richard Milani, MD, FACC, FAHA
Richard Milani, MD, FACC, FAHA
Clinical Transformation Officer, Ocshner Health System

Richard Milani, MD: How Innovators Can Improve The Clinical Experience For Patients

Richard Milani, MD, FACC, FAHA
Richard Milani, MD, FACC, FAHA

Clinical Transformation Officer, Ocshner Health System

January 19, 2018 EHR Innovation Podcast

We didn’t begin seeing the Clinical Transformation Officer role within healthcare in wide numbers until around 2014. Possibly this is due, in part, to the multi-disciplinary domain of digital health becoming widely viewed as providing an avenue for transforming healthcare at the same time. Today’s podcast with Ocshner’s Clinical Transformation Officer Dr. Richard Milani takes even those with limited knowledge of the role and provides context into how this role fits within the ecosystem of healthcare innovation. Datica’s Chief Data Officer, Mark Olschesky, sat down with Dr. Milani while in New Orleans to speak at the HL7 Partners in Interoperability Summit, and visited with him to learn more about the innovations that Ocshner is delivering—and how this health system views clinical transformation.

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