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The Definitive Book on Cloud Compliance

Complete Cloud Compliance: Chapter 2 - What really is compliance?

Datica Guide: Complete Cloud Compliance: Chapter 2 - What really is compliance?

Complete Cloud Compliance is a program developed after years of managing high-stakes compliance requirements across mission critical healthcare workloads. It is a chance to control destiny. The program is written for healthcare organizations, but all while under the principle that best practices are best practices, meaning the insights shared can be applied across global regimes and any industry.

9 big ideas in the book

  1. When controlled, compliance is actually a competitive edge.
  2. The cloud is no longer other people’s computers. It is managed services.
  3. As cloud services get more abstract to improve developer experience (a good thing), more control is being taken away from the user making compliance attestation harder (a bad thing).
  4. Compliance is only as strong as the weakest link in the abstraction chain.
  5. Frameworks are the best way to manage regulations. The best frameworks are built for a dynamic future, not a dated past.
  6. Complete cloud compliance is hard because technologists struggle to understand compliance while compliance officers struggle to understand the cloud.
  7. The cloud is global, so compliance is now global.
  8. Cloud compliance comes down to data management. The three verbs of data are store, compute, and transmit.
  9. Data sources are splintering instead of unifying, making compliance more complex.

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