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The Heart of Medicine: Transformation Through Technology

Datica Guide: The Heart of Medicine: Transformation Through Technology

Summer 2017 Quarterly Report

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Thank you for your interest in Datica’s first quarterly industry report.

We’re hoping to provide you with a host of expansive, useful and leading-edge insights from our industry and world.

The healthcare industry is dynamic and complex. With this ongoing series — The Heart of Medicine: Transformation Through Technology – we are wanting to highlight the dynamic and simplify the complex.

The articles we’ve lined up focus on innovation and transformation:

  • Excerpts from some of the most original thinkers, visionaries and practitioners featured in the Healthcare Innovators Podcast
  • Some highlights from my assessment of the major healthcare trends of 2017
  • An infographic comparing HIMSS’ 2014 and 2017 studies on cloud adoption in healthcare
  • A look at Embracing Innovation from Dr. John Halamka
  • A perspective on the Three Steps to Successful Digital-Health Transformation

My hope is that all of this thoughtful and original content will stimulate you—and help drive your professional growth and success.

If you’d like to talk about any of the ideas discussed in this report—or where our industry is headed—please be in touch. I look forward to chatting.

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder, CEO & Chief Privacy Officer