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Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Datica Guide: Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Autumn 2017 Quarterly Report

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In this issue, we explore the theme of insight and information about the public and private cloud options available to healthcare teams.

Thanks to Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, the cloud is a commonplace technology term among businesses, consumers and in healthcare.

Our report seeks to put in one place some of the more interesting and useful content about the public and private cloud. What we have included is not exhaustive; it’s the tip of the iceberg of material and best practices.

We have aggregated insights from CIO Magazine, 451 Research, McKinsey, HIT Infrastructure, and three Datica partners. We also share our own Datica-driven perspective throughout.

As we all know, healthcare is undergoing massive evolution and transformation because of technology. It’s easy to talk about digital health. But the complexities of adoption and migration—for example moving to the cloud—are harder to implement.

We hope you enjoy the report and glean some new knowledge. And we are here to help you with the journey.

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder, CEO & Chief Privacy Officer