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Summer 2018 Quarterly Report

Privacy and Big Technology

Datica Guide: Privacy and Big Technology

This Summer, 2018 issue of the Datica Quarterly Report was an exciting package to put together. As we have done in previous reports, we have curated some of the more insightful articles and commentary from publications around the web.

Certainly, there’s a lot of privacy and cloud security news out there. We think it’s timely as the Healthcare industry grapples with GDPR, new privacy legislation in California and, seemingly, more aggressive healthcare industry efforts by the technology titans of Microsoft and Amazon.

In this issue

  • What the media are saying about the newest privacy legislation – GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act
  • The media’s take on how the titans of technology, Amazon and Microsoft, are making big moves into healthcare
  • Industry buzz on innovation and cloud security from Cognizant, Deloitte, and

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