2019 Predictions for Healthcare Technology

Insights on the year ahead in healthcare tech from Travis Good, MD

Get a view into the year ahead in healthcare and cloud technology with Travis Good, MD, Datica co-founder, CEO, and chief privacy officer. This series of in-depth articles explains these four predictions:

  • The Cloud = Noise, Noise, Noise: For the cloud buyer and the enterprise that just wants to get onto the cloud, 2019 will only see more optionality, point solutions, and ultimately noise.
  • CSP Vertical Integration Marches On: In 2019, we will start to appreciate how the CSPs leverage their foundational role in enterprise IT to reach their tentacles vertically up the IT stack.
  • Hybrid Cloud not Multi-Cloud is the Future: This will be the year cloud customers start to abandon the notion of multi-cloud and anchor on a hybrid-cloud future.
  • The Patient Context War: The demand for clinical data for both data-driven analytics and powering new workflows is fueled by the concept of adding “patient context” to digital products in 2019.

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