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Shadow IT in Healthcare: Cloud Cover for Innovation Initiatives

Datica Guide:  Shadow IT in Healthcare: Cloud Cover for Innovation Initiatives

Winter 2017 Quarterly Innovation Report

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There are always stories to tell and share.

At Datica we hear stories every day from our customers about the successes and challenges that technology teams create and navigate. Our work with internal health IT teams and and innovation groups engaging in “shadow IT” provides us with a unique perspective about how each of these teams can successfully pursue and complete their strategic initiatives – in a collaborative manner.

What we have learned from our customer relationships is this:

  • Privacy and security remain – as they should – the cornerstone principles for all technology development and advancement.
  • Shadow IT is as dangerous a concept as ever, and is a term that stretches everything from Ops to Apps. But when approached intelligently, shadow IT can be positive.
  • The concept of shadow IT must develop and proceed in partnership with internal IT teams.

We have also realized this:

Shadow IT really shouldn’t be called “shadow IT.” It creates an unnecessary – and negative – reputational tone to the positive work these teams can do.

It’s really about collaborative IT among teams.

And that’s where Datica sits: With and in-between teams helping to foster innovation and digital health transformation. It’s this position that we used to develop our 2017 Q4 industry report focused on shadow IT and internal IT partnership.

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder, CEO & Chief Privacy Officer