The leadership team guiding Datica's vision and execution

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Adam Beach

Director of Cloud Operations

As Datica’s Account Management director, Andrew Goff is responsible for ensuring a thriving Datica platform community. He oversees the success of Datica’s relationships with customer accounts, implementation, client engagement, utilization, growth, and customer satisfaction.

Andrew Goff

Director of Account Management

Bill Sims leads the growing sales team at Datica and has been creating products and businesses in the healthcare IT industry for the past 30 years. That passion has led to the rapid growth and success of several groundbreaking companies.

Bill Sims

Vice President of Sales

Chris Barnas joined Datica in 2017 as its Finance Director. He helps ensure the organization is financially fit to achieve strategic goals, maximizes capital resources for continued growth, and helps the business stay compliant with GAAP standards.

Chris Barnas

Director of Finance

As Datica’s Director of Support, Chuck leads the entire engineering support team that addresses customer technical issues and requests.

Chuck McKenzie

Director of Support

As VP of Sales Operations, Doug Arent sells into Datica’s enterprise segment and develops the systems, tools, and processes needed to execute the campaigns to support rapid growth and scalability.

Doug Arent

Vice President of Sales Operations

In his role at Datica, Kevin helps companies enhance their value propositions by turning compliance and interoperability into an asset.

Kevin Lindbergh

Chief Operations Officer

Kris leads a team focused on communicating Datica's story and brand to the industry. He contributes to revenue growth by managing Datica's inbound marketing processes, and guides Datica's broad content creation efforts throughout the customer lifecycle.

Kris Gösser

VP of Marketing

At Datica, Laleh is responsible for developing and executing on content strategies that provide value through all stages of the customer lifecycle. Laleh brings to Datica deep expertise in content and digital marketing strategy with more than twenty years experience marketing to early stage technology companies.

Laleh Hassibi

Director of Content Marketing

As Datica’s Director of Compliance, Lori Meals uses her past diverse work with EHR vendor Epic to fulfill the role of understanding, analyzing and then communicating various governmental rules and regulations that apply to customers using the Datica platform. Her regulatory acumen extends the HIPAA Security Rule to include HITRUST, SOC 2 controls, as well as Privacy Shield and the General Data Protection Rule (GDPR).

Lori Meals

Director of Compliance

Maggie heads up Datica’s Human Resources department. In this role, Maggie oversees such functions as staffing and recruitment, benefits, compensation, policy, employee relations, and development.

Maggie Ostrowski

Director of Human Resources

In her role at Datica, Marcia drives external communication strategy in projects as diverse as conferences, public relations, customer-driven content, and the Healthcare Innovation Series.

Marcia Noyes

Director of Communications

Mark joined Datica to help bring healthcare forward into the new era of value-based care. He believes in the value of openness and transparency, but the importance of privacy and security.

Mark Olschesky

Chief Data Officer

As Datica’s Healthcare Integrations Team Lead, Rick manages a team of engineers that cultivate customer relationships and build the cloud-based integration logic/infrastructure to allow healthcare organizations to share and store patient and other encrypted data.

Rick Wattras

Healthcare Integration Engineer Team Lead

Ryan hails from the agency world, where in Washington D.C. he worked with some of the greatest global brands including Audi, Volkswagen and Ducati.

Ryan Rich

VP of Product

As Director of Development, Scott leads the engineering to expand and improve the Datica platform. Scott has a nearly 20-year career in IT, helping define customer needs and delivering solutions while guided by the Agile philosophy. He now applies his experience in leading teams to follow best practices for software quality and efficient implementations.

Scott Tillema

Director of Development

As CEO, Travis leads Datica's vision. His background in compliance, security, and cloud infrastructure gives him technical expertise that, when paired with his experiences as an MD, allows for a unique view on the challenges of healthcare.

Travis Good, MD

Co-founder, CEO & Chief Privacy Officer