Next Gen Compliance Platform

HIPAA and HITRUST expertise packed into a single easy to use compliance API so you can focus on your most important work.

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Enabling True Security & Compliance

Compliance in the cloud is not easy (especially when you take it on alone). It's complex, ever-evolving and why everyone from startups to enterprises feel the squeeze of trying to innovate within the constraints of their toolsets or managed service providers.

Our new, self-service compliance platform:

  • Helps you set up HIPAA/HITRUST/PHI-ready AWS environments that you own, in minutes
  • Allows you to spin up, tear down, or scale supported AWS services via API
  • Removes uncertainty for your team – configurations on services are locked so they can't break things and take them out of compliance
  • Provides a dashboard for compliance monitoring, evidence reporting/exporting, and tracking cloud spend

Swift, Simple Onboarding

Platform Registration Process

The setup process makes it easy to get started. After entering a few basic account registration items, the self-service process will ask you about which services or types you need and helps you choose from pre-defined options for configuration settings.

5 Steps to Get Going:

  1. Create an account and verify identity
  2. Agree to standard contract
  3. Add billing information
  4. Choose service(s) or platform as needed on enrollment (and add more at any time)
  5. Deploy compliant solutions as quickly as you need them with automated monitoring and evidence collection
Need HIPAA Compliance?

Steal our HIPAA policies, seriously.

HIPAA compliance is complicated, but it doesn't have to be. In an effort to make compliance as easy as possible for companies working with PHI, we decided to open source our 25 HIPAA policies.

Compliance Problems Are Universal

After years of providing cloud compliance services for the healthcare, these are the common issues and complaints we hear

  • "Don't make managing my cloud more difficult."

    We remove the headaches of working with AWS by providing a straightforward way to deploy and scale compliant resources. You can easily track cloud spend to make sure you're maximizing value.

  • "I'm tired of dealing with tickets and spreadsheets."

    Our technology-first approach means that the days of submitting tickets or having to involve more bodies on projects are over. Use your new found freedom to scale up, scale down – whatever you need!

  • "What if I break things? Am I still covered?"

    Services are pre-configured to meet compliance requirements and cannot be broken through Datica's UI/API or the AWS console.

  • "Audits take forever."

    Compliance requires evidence. We automatically gather the evidence for your configurations mapped to HIPAA and HITRUST so that you save significant amounts of time and money undergoing an audit or certification.

  • "I want to use all the AWS icons."

    We're always adding more services and are happy to help provide guidance on compliance status and any risks you need to be aware of related to compliance.

  • "Dashboards are great, but I want real flexibility."

    Datica offers more than a dashboard. Our platform and tools provide you the ability to maximize more aspects of your AWS environment without sacrificing compliance.

Datica Compliance FAQs

By working with Datica do I automatically become HIPAA or HITRUST-certified?

As a customer, you are HIPAA/HITRUST-ready. Services are configured based on Datica’s review of HIPAA/HITRUST requirements for PHI data processing and storage and will allow you to be compliant out of the gate. Getting HITRUST certification is an activity that you must pursue yourself because it is specific for your company, but we are here to support your certification journey.

How does account ownership work?

When you sign up, a net new account is created under Datica, but still attributed to and billed to you. You own the account and any AWS charges will be billed directly to Amazon through us with payment history and expected charges accessible within the platform. "It is your account and you can take it with you if we ever part ways

Which cloud service providers do you offer compliance for?

We are currently offering deployment for services in AWS. Drop a note to our team about our roadmap for supporting other cloud service providers if you have specific questions.

What happens when a compliance regime makes a change? I.e. If there is a new version of HITRUST released?

Datica will make the proper updates to maintain the compliance of your environment (HIPAA, HITRUST, etc.) as necessary or work with you on the steps you need to take.

Want to remove compliance headaches?

Chat with our team about making compliance woes a thing of the past.

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