The cloud enablement layer for
all healthcare applications

The Datica platform makes hosting compliant healthcare applications and data integration tooling as simple as git-push.

The Datica platform enables you to focus on building and securing your app by managing all compliance and security obligations on the cloud.

This is what complete HIPAA compliance in the cloud looks like.

Compliance Overview diagram
Speed time-to-market icon

Speed time-to-market

Prototyping in healthcare is hard. Datica Managed Cloud dramatically decreases a team’s time-to-market by removing compliance as a blocker during development and deployment.

Make life easier with a single BAA icon

Make life easier with a single BAA

Aligning Business Associate Agreements amongst all technology partners is a full-time job. You sign one BAA with Datica to cover the entirety of compliance in the cloud.

Empower technology teams icon

Empower technology teams

Engineers are liberated to focus on problems and features more closely related to products, and not on reinventing the wheel on compliance, resulting in happier, more productive teams.

Platform use cases

How developers use the Datica platform

Your App

Host your digital health application just like you would on any other cloud provider, except being fully HIPAA compliant. Deployment is as simple as a git-push.

Data Integration

Instantly spin up the complete cloud toolset to conduct compliant, scalable data exchange with EHRs or other systems.

World-class companies trust Datica

BSC The VA J&J Amgen Stony Brook TigerText University of Kansas Hospital Voalte Hennepin County Medical Center Hurley Medical Center Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association Zipnosis Healthloop NavHealth Optum
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Compliance ownership is a liability, not an asset. Don't shoulder that risk by yourself.

Those who choose the Datica Platform get the calculus right.

  What we do... your benefit
Datica takes on all the risk via one smart Business Associate Agreement.
You don't have to juggle multiple BAAs and align conflicting requirements—typically a huge headache!
Datica is responsible for staying current with all regulation changes.
You never have to spend time and money to stay current on government changes, which are hard to track.
Datica absorbs the cost of third-party audits and HITRUST certification.
It all comes down to audits, which can cost $100,000s across technologies, and are reoccurring annual costs.
Maintenance Headaches
Datica shoulders the responsibility of maintenance, updates, and patches.
Every single update or patch you would do to your infrastructure needs to be done in a compliant way. The time-cost requirements add up quickly.
Datica's tools immediately bring your organization to the starting line, enabling focus on business priorities.
Do not waste precious months getting your infrastructure to a compliant state just to get started on your product or initiative.
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Datica is an Amazon Web Services Advanced Tier Technology Partner with a Healthcare Competency focus.