End-to-end compliance on AWS and Azure is possible.

The Datica Platform fills the compliance gaps on top of public clouds like AWS and Azure by combining the best technology available and mapping it to frameworks like HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, and GxP. Customers use Kubernetes-enabled orchestration to deploy containerized workloads to the Platform that are guaranteed to be continuously compliant.

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Models that work for any business


Maximum Convenience

Starting at $999 / month

Deploy containerized (or let the platform do the containerizing for you) workloads to our multi-tenant Platform through self-service tooling. Customers interact with Datica support and billing.

Customers prefer this option when speed and convenience matter most while not sacrificing the best compliance approach on the cloud.

The Hosted Model Works Great For…

  • Startups looking to develop quickly while also getting instant security and compliance credibility.
  • Enterprise teams who need to move quickly but constrained by internal IT, security, and compliance groups.

Other Platform-as-a-Service options do not cover the full scope of HIPAA compliance. None cover HITRUST, GxP, and GDPR. Compare Our BAA to other options when researching.


Maximum Flexibility

Starting at $40,000 / year

Install the Datica Platform on your existing AWS or Azure account, then deploy containerized workloads onto it for continuous compliance.

Customers prefer this option when full control over AWS or Azure accounts matters most, while still receiving the same compliance assurances from the Platform.

The Licensed Model Works Great For…

  • Engineering orgs who need compliance guarantees but can’t build everything themselves for less than one cloud engineer FTE.
  • Teams who need compliance help but have a hard requirement to directly own their AWS or Azure accounts.

All other installable technologies aren’t platforms meant to greatest compliance coverage with the best experience. Instead, you pay for consultant service fees.

Understanding Shared Responsibility


AWS and Azure are the world’s best clouds at addressing compliance and security of the cloud: physical controls and network controls. The rest is your responsibility.

In their Shared Responsibility models, you must address the following on top of them in order to approach complete continuous compliance. The following list maps to a specific control in the HIPAA Omnibus, HITRUST CSF, GxP regulations, or GDPR articles.

  • Block-level encryption
  • Network encryption between existing processes or services
  • Sub-network segmentation
  • Intrusion detection
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Systems monitoring
  • System-level logging
  • App-level logging
  • Log storage in an encrypted fashion
  • Disaster recovery protocols
  • Business continuity
  • Patch management
  • Breach management
  • Daily backups
  • Penetration testing
  • Business Associate management
  • Access control management

None of it is impossible for you to figure out. But configuring, integrating, documenting, auditing, and managing it across a fleet of containers or VMs with every deployment is how continuous compliance happens.

Datica does all this for you. We are compliance on the cloud. Customers of Datica pass these Shared Responsibility obligations to us and are left with compliance in the cloud, which are company-level and application-level responsibilities.

You wouldn't build payment processing infrastructure to charge credit cards.
You'd use Stripe.

So why waste money and take on unnecessary risk building your own compliance layer?

Datica is an Amazon Web Services Advanced Tier Technology Partner with a Healthcare Competency focus.

World-class companies trust Datica

Johnson & JohnsonZipnosisHealthloopBSChealthfinchBCGDVPropeller HealthHennepin County Medical CenterCOTACirrusMDStony BrookOptumUniversity of Kansas HospitalHurley Medical CenterThe VAUniversity of WashingtonMethodist Lebonheur Hospital
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How Customers Use the Datica Platform

Building On The Platform

Deploy Your Application
Integrate with EHRs
Custom Environments

Deploy Your Application

Push your app through git-based CI/CD or deploy your own Docker containers. Customers customize application environments to fit their architecture then deploy the app as a containerized workload.

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Integrate with EHRs

Datica provides two solutions for data interoperability with EHRs. Customers deploy API products on the Datica platform to ensure compliance and security requirements are met for that part of their technology stack.

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Custom Environments

Doing Big Data projects with Hadoop? Building out a Data Warehouse? Visualizing data with Tableau? Whatever extra use case you might have, making it work on the Datica Platform is straight forward. Customers engage with us to customize environments based on additional needs.

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Healthcare Compliance Management System

Extending critical compliance controls

HCMS Dashboard

Continuous compliance, delivered.

Visibility into the continuous compliance and security provided by the Datica Platform is important to our customers. The HCMS is a compliance dashboard that gives insights into all compliance controls across customer environments.

The HCMS is shipping with initial versions of our Licensed Platform. To learn more about the HCMS, schedule time to talk with us today.