The complete toolset to handle compliant, scalable, secure data exchange with any EHR or clinical system

Full-Stack Data Integration

The mature integration stack considers HIPAA compliance, data security, redundant backups, and no reliance on blackbox proprietary APIs as core ingredients to a successful integration strategy. Don't get caught with infrastructure gotchas as you go from zero-to-one or if you are preparing to scale to hundreds of integrations. Instead, get Datica.

Included in our data integration application:

  • Mirth interface engine on managed Docker container
  • Postregres database on managed Docker container
  • Highly Available and redundant configuration
  • HITRUST CSF Certified cloud infrastructure
  • Compliant logging and auditing of activity
  • REST API endpoints mapped to all major data standards
  • VPN setup for secure connectivity
Platform Integration

Integration Facts & Figures


Total number of sites with live integrations on Datica's platform.


Total number of EHRs Datica has helped integrate successfully with customer products.


Total number of mission-critical messages processed monthly on Datica's platform.

More than just an API

The full suite of integration tooling you need to successfully complete an integration project with a clinical site.

Connect to any EHR or system

You'll never have to think twice about whether your project will be supported.

True scalability

With a toolset on Datica's compliant cloud infrastructure, integrations scale as you scale.

HIPAA compliant infrastructure

Compliance is a requirement for all data exchange. Never worry about it again.

Security baked-in from the start

HL7, FHIR, APIs—security is inherently unavailable. We add a security layer to your integration.

FHIR-proof your app

The future of healthcare data exchange is FHIR. You are ready for the switch when it happens.

24/7 monitoring

Mission critical data has important uptime requirements. Datica monitors the connection for you.

Highly available

The hard work to ensuring cloud-based infrastructure is highly available 24/7 is done for you.

Open source transformations

You own your transformations because we use open source Mirth as the interface engine.

A trusted partner with established healthcare organizations

Cleveland Clinic Cedars-Sinai MultiCare Texas Health Resources Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Fairview Meridian Froedtert Baylor Scott & White Health John Muir Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Hackensack UMC Aurora Florida Hospital

Successful, live integrations with all major EHRs

Epic Cerner McKesson Allscripts eCinlicalWorks NextGen Greenway GE Centricity

One REST API for all your connections

One REST API for all your connections

Datica's approach to integration has helped a wide range of solutions across the entire spectrum of healthcare

Live integrations with applications in the following industries:

  • Asynchronous Telehealth
  • Synchronous Telehealth
  • Oncology Care Management Solutions
  • Genetic Testing Laboratories & Analytics
  • Provider Secure Messaging & Alarm Management
  • Population Health
  • Patient Engagement
  • Clinical Automation
  • Patient Reported Outcomes (Bundled Payment Management)
  • Medicare Advantage Solutions (HCC management w/patient outreach)
  • Referral Management
  • Patient Care Planning
  • Post-Acute Discharge Placement (SNF and LTAC)
  • Wait List Automation
  • Patient Pre-Registration Urgent Care/ED Triage
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement & Physician Query
  • Orthopedic Implant Providers for Supply Chain Optimization & Instrument Tray Reconfiguration
  • Claims Processing and Claim Audit Tracking Solutions

Need help with your integration?
Datica Managed Integration Services takes on the burden.

Integration is a process. If you need help managing the process of an integration through successful completion, and then continue with on-going management, Datica has your back.

Over 100 customers have benefited from our ability to take an average 6-month integration and routinely complete it in under 30 days.

Managed Integration Services:

  • Workflow expertise consultation
  • VPN management
  • Project management
  • Testing
  • Go-live management

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The Datica team is helping us solve critical infrastructure and scaling problems faster and more competently than we can in-house.
Jon Pearce

Jon Pearce

CEO, Zipnosis

A compliance and integration expert from Datica will follow up to learn how we might be able to help

Frequently asked questions about integrations

Do you integrate with [EHR]?

Datica has live, active integrations with 27 of the top 35 EHRs. More projects are planned to bring us closer to live integrations with the top 40. If you are needing integration services outside of that list, chances are we can still help you.

Do you integrate with [data standard]?

Datica has live integrations with almost every main data standard you can think of. There are some we are more proficient in than others—e.g. we have more integrations for HL7 with hospitals than we do for Claims with clearinghouses—but if there is a specific technology you are curious about, contact us.

If I complete an Epic (or Cerner, or...) integration with Datica, does that mean I get access to all Epic (or Cerner, or...) customers?

No. Healthcare integrations are inherently point-to-point. You will integrate with a specific site’s version of an EHR. It is a myth that you can connect once into an EHR and get access to their customer base.

Does Datica provide sandboxes for integrations?

We provide open APIs that anyone can test against. Those are found at and Beyond that, extra requirements are scoped out with Datica’s Services team for an additional cost.

Does Datica help with testing an integration?

We most definitely do! Customers can engage with our Managed Integration services.

Does Datica help stress-test my integration?

Part of Datica’s Managed Integration service is to help scope out expected message volume and work with customers accordingly on setting up their environment to support that.

How many messages per second can Datica's integration stack handle?

The base product can handle close to 50msg/s. Supporting higher frequency of messages is as easy as dedicating more resources to the integration environment.

Can Datica help with Single-Sign-On within an EHR integration?

Potentially yes. It will depend on your type of integration. You will want to engage with our Managed Integration services to determine fit.

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