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Dave Levin
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Dave Levin
Chief Medical Officer, Datica
July 7, 2020

Creating Robust Information Security Programs

With Guest

Ty Hollins

Former Information Security Officer

Ty Hollins has over 15 years of experience in security, risk, and compliance. Ty steers new vision to develop and improve people, process, and technology. He has strengthened global brands by building and implementing security, risk, and compliance products and services. Ty is an active board member in several security and compliance associations. He advocates, develops standards, and guidance for security and compliance professionals. Ty received his BS in Computer Science and his MBA from the University of London.

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June 2, 2020

Leadership & Crisis Management

In this 4x4 Health, we take a deep dive into leadership and crisis management and lessons that can be applied to the current pandemic.
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May 5, 2020

Working in Healthcare: Vasanth Kainkaryam

Join Dave and Geeta as they chat with Vasanth Kainkaryam, MD. Dr. Kainkaryam, delves into the ways 4 Elements Direct Primary Care is “bring[ing] back the focus on the doctor-patient relationship, and removing artificial barriers to care.”
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April 28, 2020

Working in Healthcare: Stacy Hurt

Join Dave and Geeta for a Working in Healthcare you won't forget. Stacy Hurt, Patient Experience Consultant, shares anecdotes from the front lines of patient experience, her cancer survival story, and more. Listen in!
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April 21, 2020

Quantitative Futurist on Healthcare in the age of AI and COVID-19

Quantitiative Futurist Amy Webb joins us to explore the emerging role of AI in healthcare and the massive disruption to the healthcare delivery system in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.
tag ai
April 14, 2020

ONC Final Rules on Information Blocking – Part 3

We continue our exploration of the ONC’s final rules for promoting interoperability with a deep dive into API’s, FHIR, data sets and certification requirements.
tag onc-cms api interoperability
April 7, 2020

ONC Final Rules on Information Blocking - Part 2

Part two of our ONC Final Rules interview series continues the conversation around information blocking, this time with a focus on roll out and enforcement of the rules.
tag onc-cms interoperability fhir
March 31, 2020

ONC Final Rules on Information Blocking - Part 1

Part one of our ONC Final Rules interview series frames up the conversation around information blocking – why are these rules being put in place and how do they impact data exchange for health IT?
tag onc-cms interoperability fhir
March 24, 2020

The S Curve, Chaos and the Evolution of Healthcare

In this episode of 4x4 Health, Dr. Joshua Honaker shares practical insights on building successful medical practices and leading healthcare organizations.
tag clinical-topic leadership
March 20, 2020

Working in Healthcare: A COVID-19 Special

The 4x4 Health team meets with public health expert, José Szapocznik, to answer many of the questions surrounding COVID-19 and strategies (both digital and non-digital) to battle this epidemic.
tag telehealth international-hit clinical-topic
March 17, 2020

Working in Healthcare: David Butler

In this episode of the 4x4 Health series “Working in Healthcare”, co-hosts Dave Levin, MD and Geeta Nayyar, MD talk with David Butler, MD. Founder and Principal of Calyx Consulting. David is a widely recognized health IT leader when it comes to deploying and utilizing health IT. David leverages his dual board certification in pediatrics and internal medicine to bridge the gap between the clinical and the technical. And he’s proven his ability to partner with clinical, operations and IT practitioners and executives at health systems like NYC Health and Hospitals, Guthrie Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic.
tag ehr
March 10, 2020

Working in Healthcare: Matt Fisher

In this episode of the 4x4 Health series “Working in Healthcare”, Matt Fisher shares his refreshing views on how legal and regulatory issues can be addressed to support innovation in healthcare.
tag hipaa hitrust
March 3, 2020

Working in Healthcare: Jamey Edwards

In this episode of the 4x4 Health series “Working in Healthcare”, co-hosts Dave Levin, MD and Geeta Nayyar, MD talk with Jamey Edwards, CEO and Co-founder of Cloudbreak Health. Jamey shares how Cloudbreak is using a proven platform, connected to a scalable network, to deliver medical and language expertise in pursuit of his mission to humanize healthcare and make healthcare disparities a thing of the past. Jamie’s had a diverse career leading up to his focus in medicine including serving as CEO of Emergent Medical Associates, as a member of the Investment Banking Division of Lehman Brothers and as a Fund Manager for BR Venture Fund, the seed stage venture capital fund for Cornell University.
tag engagement telemedicine investing
February 25, 2020

Working in Healthcare: Vincent Keunen

In this episode of 4x4 Health, we continue our new series Working in Healthcare with series co-host Geeta Nayyar, M.D., M.B.A. Chief Medical Officer for Greenway Health. Our guest this week is Vincent Keunen, Founder and CEO of Andaman7 a startup dedicated to improving healthcare by providing innovative software technology. A cancer survivor, software engineer and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the health IT sector, Vincent has developed numerous systems in Belgium. In 2011, Vincent was recognized as national CIO of the year.
tag clinical-topic fhir api
February 18, 2020

Working in Healthcare: Geeta Nayyar

In this episode of 4x4 Health, we kick off our new series Working in Healthcare with series co-host Geeta Nayyar, M.D., M.B.A. Chief Medical Officer for Greenway Health. Geeta is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare information technology. She has been named one of the “Top 26 smartest people in Health IT” by Becker’s Report and ranked one of the “Top 25 Minority Healthcare Executives” by Modern Healthcare.
tag clinical-topic thought-leadership innovation
February 11, 2020

Consumerism, Patient Experience and Population Health

In this episode of 4x4 Health, we talk with Royal Tuthill, Co-founder, and President of Docent Health. Royal’s work at Docent has taken him to the intersection of consumerism, patient experience, and population health and the cutting edge of leveraging healthcare technology to enable better customer relationships that achieve great outcomes for patients and providers. He also shares insights from the venture studio at Oxeon Partners where he first conceptualized and then led the development of Docent Health.
tag thought-leadership clinical-topic revenue-cycle
December 17, 2019

Innovation and Improving Healthcare

On this episode of 4x4 Health we dive into the major issues surrounding health quality, medication assistance, public health awareness, and physician leadership with president and CEO of Virginia Center for Health Innovation, Beth Bortz.
tag innovation
November 19, 2019

Leadership Lessons from Healthcare and Beyond

In this powerful episode of 4x4 Health we learn about leadership from Dr. Bob Underwood through his nontraditional path to medicine. With a wide range of experience, Dr. Underwood discusses how to lead affectively and how leadership varies from management.
tag leadership
October 22, 2019

International Health IT

In this episode of 4x4 Health we learn about international health from Dr. Manish Kohli. He shares about his experience as CMIO in Abu Dhabi and offers insights on how to use technology to improve access and quality of care and patient experience.
tag leadership telemedicine international-hit
August 13, 2019

4x4 Health Sage Advice: Roots, Mentors & Being Kind

On this episode of 4x4 Health we have a special edition mashup of some of the best sage advice we’ve received on the show. We’ve put together a compilation from Maulin Shah, M.D., David Butler, M.D., and Justin Adams.
tag healthcare cloud leadership
July 30, 2019

Making Health IT Safe and Effective

In this episode of 4x4 Health we dive into building safer and more reliable health information systems with guest, Ben Cooperman.
tag healthcare cloud engagement

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