Datica Podcast

October 18, 2016

Charles Jaffe, MD: Why Healthcare Should Expand its View of FHIR

On the origination of FHIR: "Five years ago, as part of the HL7 Fresh Look initiative, we developed the FHIR standard. And that standard has evolved so that we are about to emerge as a normative standard in the spring. By normative standard I mean one that has been validated and approved by the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI."

On the future promise of FHIR: "I think as we move forward, we'll see more and more applications suited to healthcare literacy, so patients aren't confronted with their lab results but have access to explanations of their procedures, lab tests, results, diagnosis and the medications they take, all on a convenient single interface."

On leveraging data for precision medicine: "No longer will we give the same starting dose of the same drug for every patient that has elevated blood pressure. But they will be able to adjust, not on the dose, but the type of medication specifically for the pathology inherent in the elevation of the blood pressure and the genetic characteristics of the patient that has to take it."

[FHIR has] reached a point of adoption where there is enough critical mass to ensure that these APIs that the stability of the standard and the usefulness of the platform can be assured."

On FHIR’s direct impact: "FHIR is very fast to develop so the ease with which application development and therefore the cost of application development has been brought down critically."

On groups leveraging FHIR: "One of these is the clinical research community. So not only the regulated research community -- bio, pharma and small bio-tech, but also the academic research community sees an opportunity to obtain data from multiple sources. But more importantly, bring data from other sources there."

On clinical decision support: "I think one of the critical areas that physicians often overlook that leverage the value of electronic health records is clinical decision support. So there is an initiative in support of FHIR called CDS Hooks, which use FHIR to access the many commercial and public databases for clinical decision support."

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