Datica Podcast

June 2, 2020

Leadership & Crisis Management

In this episode of 4x4 Health, we continue our exploration of the COVID19 pandemic with a deeper dive into the importance of effective leadership during a crisis with Ben Cooperman, Senior Associate at Healthcare Performance Improvement (HPI, a Press Ganey company) and Dave “Edge” Edgington a Consultant and Executive Coach with HPI. Edge is a retired Major General with over 33 years in the US Air Force, he’s advised senior commanders during Kosovo and Iraqi combat, flown 3,000 hours in fighter and training aircraft, and commanded a fighter wing. Among his many accomplishments, Edge led this organization through a national defense response to 9-11 attacks.

The lessons Ben and Edge have learned along their respective career paths have great meaning and value in this moment of crisis. It’s particularly interesting to hear the parallels Edge draws to the day of the 9-11 attacks and what followed. This is an episode made for anyone who is interested in leadership and crisis management and the lessons that can be applied to the current pandemic.

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