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Dave Levin
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Dave Levin
Chief Medical Officer, Datica
July 7, 2020

Creating Robust Information Security Programs

With Guest

Ty Hollins

Information Security Officer

Ty Hollins has over 15 years of experience in security, risk, and compliance. Ty steers new vision to develop and improve people, process, and technology. He has strengthened global brands by building and implementing security, risk, and compliance products and services. Ty is an active board member in several security and compliance associations. He advocates, develops standards, and guidance for security and compliance professionals. Ty received his BS in Computer Science and his MBA from the University of London.

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July 23, 2019

Patient Safety: Lessons from a Decade of Improvement Efforts

In this episode of 4x4 Health, we’ll be discussing patient safety with Craig Clapper, a founding partner at Healthcare Performance Improvement (HPI).
tag healthcare cloud engagement
July 16, 2019

America’s Opioid Crisis – Clinical Innovations and Controversies

In this final episode of our series on opioid abuse in America we talk with Stephanie Peglow, DO, MPH, about innovative clinical approaches, harm reduction and public health controversies.
tag company innovation podcast
July 9, 2019

America’s Opioid Crisis – Collaborations & Cutting Edge Tech

In this episode of our series on opioid abuse in America we talk with Rob Valuck, PhD, co-founder and CEO of OpiSafe and Director of the Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention.
tag clinical-topic ehr api
July 2, 2019

Healthcare in the Cloud

Healthcare is moving to the cloud and in this episode of 4x4 Health we talk with Travis Good, MD, Chief Technology Officer of Datica; following their recent merger with Sansoro Health.
tag cpaas cloud computing gdpr
June 13, 2019

CMS & ONC Propose Big Changes for Payers

In this special edition of 4x4 Health, we discuss the impact of the ONC/CMS rules on healthcare payers with Nikki Kent, SVP of Operations at Sansoro Health.
tag ehr onc-cms api
June 11, 2019

A Conversation with the Father of FHIR

In this episode of 4x4 Health, we talk to Grahame Grieve, the architect-developer of HL7s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).
tag ehr hl7 open-source
June 4, 2019

America’s Opioid Crisis: How IT Enables Better Care

In this episode of our series on opioid abuse in America we talk with Debra Bauman, VP of Technology Services and Chief Information Officer at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation about how her organization is harnessing information technology to enable better, more efficient patient care.
tag clinical-topic telemedicine interoperability
May 28, 2019

America's Opioid Crisis - Origins, Diagnosis, and Treatment

We begin our series on opioid abuse in America with an overview of the origins of the crisis and current approaches to diagnosis and treatment with Dr. Marvin Seppala. Dr. Seppala is Chief Medical Officer at the world-renowned Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.
tag clinical-topic
May 21, 2019

Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs and Investors

In this episode of 4x4 Health, we discuss intellectual property (or “IP”) with David Hyams, a senior technology lawyer at The Marbury Law Group with over 20 years of experience in IP matters. 
tag innovation interoperability
May 14, 2019

API 101 – Lessons From Outside of Healthcare

In this episode of 4x4 Health, we continue our exploration of APIs with Sam Pierson, the VP of Engineering at Sansoro Health. Sam comes from the IT world outside healthcare – see what he has to say about increasing adoption of APIs.
tag api integration cloud computing
May 7, 2019

Promoting Interoperability and Innovation: An ONC Expert View

In this episode, Steve discusses the new ONC proposed rules on healthcare interoperability and rapid technological innovations coming to Health IT.
tag interoperability api fhir
April 30, 2019

Transforming Healthcare Through Innovative Technology & Design

In this episode of 4x4 Health, hear from Si Luo of PatientSafe, a company on the cutting edge of workflow innovation, especially when it comes to mobile solutions.
tag integration workflows ehr
April 23, 2019

API 101 – The Role of Standards and Coalitions

In our API 101 series, Micky talks about the critical need for innovation in how healthcare applications talk to one another and, through his position at the Argonaut Project, why he sees APIs as the solution Health IT has been looking for.
tag api hl7 integration
April 16, 2019

Telepharmacy: Service-Enabled Technology

In this episode of 4x4 Health, we talk with Brian Roberts, co-founder and CEO of PipelineRx, a “service-enabled technology company” devoted to providing a comprehensive medication management technology platform supported by remote pharmacy services to help hospital pharmacies achieve 24/7 coverage and deliver more clinical initiatives.
tag pharma workflows ehr
April 9, 2019

Tackling Information Blocking with an ONC Expert

This 4x4 Health episode is a remarkable opportunity to dive deep into the intricacies of the new ONC rules, the challenges they are attempting to address, and the solutions they propose.
tag onc-cms ehr
April 2, 2019

Pigs, Pain Management & Palliative Care

In this episode of 4x4 Health, we talk with Krista Dobbie M.D., a palliative medicine physician for the Taussig Cancer Institute - Palliative Medicine Program at the Cleveland Clinic.
tag leadership podcast
March 26, 2019

API 101 – FHIR: A Standard API for Healthcare

FHIR is unquestionably going to play a major role as a standard in the future of healthcare interoperability and, in this episode, we start to define what that will look like.
tag api fhir hl7
March 19, 2019

Advanced Mobile Communications: A CNO Perspective

In this episode, we talk with Nat'e Guyton, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) of Spok, a global leader in healthcare communications striving to improve care collaboration.
tag ehr innovation leadership
March 12, 2019

API 101 – An Introduction to APIs

For the first episode of our special API 101 series, we unpack: what’s an API and why should we even care about it in healthcare?
tag api ehr integration
March 5, 2019

The Power of Patient & Family Engagement

In this episode, we talk with Michael O'Neil, CEO and Founder of GetWellNetwork, a Precision Engagement™ healthcare company that engages patients & families while empowering clinicians.
tag startups ehr innovation

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