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Company Backstory

Datica was founded by Travis Good, MD, and Mohan Balachandran, two friends committed to bettering patient care. They were compelled to start Datica after seeing first hand the challenges healthcare faces re-inventing the wheel with compliance and integration.

Before starting Datica, the two founders explored healthcare from all angles—practicing and consulting to enterprise health systems and entrepreneurship. Datica's vision is derived from their holistic view of healthcare.

The foundation of the company is built from members previously at Rackspace, the NSA, Epic, NASA, Influence Health, Intel, and industries such as meteorology, telephony, and pharmaceuticals. The team is a strong mix of industry experts and entrepreneurial veterans.

Datica is headquartered in Madison, WI, but is built to be a distributed team. The company recently closed a Series B funding round lead by Baird Capital, Arthur Ventures, Chicago Ventures, and Lewis & Clark Ventures, and has raised over $12.6 million total.

Press Releases

Datica to Speak on Managing Risk on the Cloud at Pacific Northwest Enterprise Risk Forum

November 1, 2018

Panel discussion to feature four prominent healthcare industry leaders who share ideas on managing risk on the cloud to accelerate innovation.

Datica Announces First-Ever Complete Cloud Compliance Tool for Developers

October 3, 2018

The Datica Cloud Compliance Management System solves the problem of continuous compliance and security in a cloud-native world.

Datica Premiers New Book Complete Cloud Compliance at 2018 HITRUST Annual Conference

September 12, 2018

Breakthrough new book navigates the way through managed services and microservice-based architectures so today’s healthcare companies can achieve total compliance on the cloud.

Datica Joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

July 2, 2018

Datica announced today that they have joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a silver member. Datica has always been a huge proponent of the open source community, with more than 500 stars on the company’s open source policies, and joining the CNCF demonstrates its commitment to contributing to the Kubernetes® ecosystem.

Datica Celebrates 5th Anniversary as a Compliance and Security Leader for the Cloud

May 31, 2018

Company recalls milestones, talks of international expansion, and looks to future innovations.

Datica Reveals Findings from Hospital CIO Cloud Perspectives Survey

May 23, 2018

Chief Information Officers from healthcare organizations look to the cloud, but with wary eyes around security and compliance.

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