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Company Backstory

Datica was founded by Travis Good, MD, and Mohan Balachandran, two friends committed to bettering patient care. They were compelled to start Datica after seeing first hand the challenges healthcare faces re-inventing the wheel with compliance and integration.

Before starting Datica, the two founders explored healthcare from all angles—practicing and consulting to enterprise health systems and entrepreneurship. Datica's vision is derived from their holistic view of healthcare.

The foundation of the company is built from members previously at Rackspace, the NSA, Epic, NASA, Equifax, Influence Health, Intel, and industries such as meteorology, telephony, and pharmaceuticals. The team is a strong mix of industry experts and entrepreneurial veterans.

Datica is headquartered in Madison, WI, but is built to be a distributed team. The company recently closed a Series B funding round lead by Baird Capital, Arthur Ventures, Chicago Ventures, and Lewis & Clark Ventures, and has raised over $12.6 million total.

Press Releases

Company Press Coverage

Catalyze has successfully raised funding over the last three years by adapting to the changing HIT landscape.

December 6, 2016
Source: HIT Consultant

Catalyze has taken the lead in compliance and security by becoming one of the first Business Associates to become HITRUST CSF Certified. Catalyze CEO and Chief Privacy Officer Dr. Travis Good was recently named as a founding member to its newly-formed HITRUST Business Associate Council. The company has recently announced a $6.5 Million Series B funding round.

November 22, 2016
Source: Superb Crew

Today, it is bustling with activity and has become the newest entrepreneurial hub in Madison, with some of the most vibrant young businesses making it their home.

September 25, 2016
Source: Wisconsin State Journal

Through the remainder of this year, Catalyze plans to solve other real-world problems for the healthcare, as the industry edges closer to value-based care. The challenge will be solved with novel insights through Catalyze, driven by data.Major healthcare institutions and digital health startups have both chosen Catalyze as their infrastructure partner including the Department of Veteran Affairs and Blue Shield California.

September 21, 2016
Source: HIT Consultant

Catalyze, a platform for healthcare IT development teams, announced its compliant cloud platform is now HITRUST CSF Certified for its customers hosting workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS.) The platform is also HIPAA compliant.

August 10, 2016
Source: Health IT Outcomes

The city of Madison, Wisconsin is quickly building a global reputation as a technological innovation and entrepreneurial hub. Madison itself has heavily influenced and shaped this progressive effort.

July 28, 2016
Source: Techweek

"Much of the impact of the HITECH has been felt on the front lines of healthcare, between the doctor and the patient. Somewhat ironically, practicing physicians have not had a major voice in digital health or EHR development. Many of the health IT solutions being sold and implemented are driven from outside the care experience. I think this outside disruption has driven the recent pushback on health IT and digital health, and the subsequent comments by Dr. Madara."

June 23, 2016
Source: Becker's Hospital Review

"We discuss innovation in healthcare technology and its shift from a volume-based to a value-based practice. Catalyze provides data security as well as data interoperability between vendors to drive the healthcare IT industry forward."

March 22, 2016
Source: Cloud Technology Partners Doppler

So what’s an ambitious developer to do? Good says whatever you do, don’t wait for the process or the access points to get easier, because there’s a lot more to consider: “EHR integration tends to be synonymous with message types, but if you’ve completed an integration with an EHR, you realize that it is much more of a process. It’s a journey. Message types, integration engines, and web services are one step in this process. Combining messages with programmed logic, security, and project management are just as essential to getting to the finish line of an integration.”

March 14, 2016
Source: HIT Consultant

Catalyze announced last week that it has added support for Microsoft Azure. It’s the third platform the company uses alongside Rackspace and AWS. “Azure gives us another infrastructure provider in the game, just to give our customers more options,” said Casey Bryson, chief strategy officer at Catalyze.

March 2, 2016
Source: Wisconsin Health News

Six months after the initial introduction, Salesforce on Monday morning announced the general release of Salesforce Health Cloud, touted as a patient relationship management platform. The San Francisco-based customer relationship management giant released the product just ahead of the opening of HIMSS16 in Las Vegas.

February 29, 2016
Source: MedCityNews

"Stratum is our exemplification of the right way to approach HIPAA compliance at the infrastructure level. Our HITRUST CSF Certification demonstrates Stratum's validation and commitment to the highest security and privacy standards," said Mohan Balachandran, co-founder and president of Catalyze. "The future of healthcare will be powered by scalable, interoperable, compliant infrastructure. Stratum is the base compliance layer that will help propel this future forward."

February 25, 2016
Source: Becker's Hospital Review

They quickly discovered they spent a majority of the time working on HIPAA compliance and the ability to pull data from electronic health records as opposed to working on the application, Good said. And they saw others facing the same problem, as everybody was “reinventing the wheel” and going through the same steps, he added.

January 4, 2016
Source: Wisconsin Healthcare News

Catalyze, a HITRUST CSF Certified cloud provider has released Redpoint, a product that aims to make it easier for digital companies to connect their applications and software to major EHR platforms.

December 2, 2015
Source: Becker's Hospital Review

As Catalyze calls integration a “journey” rather than an application provider interface or a static integration engine, Redpoint streamlines and manage the process with three sets of tools: “Scripts,” pre-configured integration sets for specific EHRs; “connectors” to automate data flow between EHRs and third-party apps; and workflows called “bearings” to manage integration projects.

December 2, 2015
Source: MedcityNews

It’s difficult to find someone more perfectly suited for this type of venture than Good. He’s a triple threat with successful backgrounds in business, medicine and technology. His expertise in business and technology began at Warrington where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Decision & Information Science—now Information Systems & Operations Management.

December 1, 2015
Source: Warrington Wire

"As a result, health care organizations can more easily develop applications for better interacting with patients. And a ready army of digital start-ups can do for health care what it already has done in marketplaces as diverse as taxis, vacation lodging and food ordering."

April 21, 2015
Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"These policies and procedures are in place to assure ongoing compliance with HIPAA regulations, and require updated documentation and risk analysis."

December 19, 2014
Source: Electronic Health Reporter

"It’s that lack of understanding that makes the emergence of HealthKit a hot button topic in the healthcare technology community, as it may force developers to recognize they cannot evade the issue of HIPAA compliance if a platform like HealthKit succeeds."

June 19, 2014
Source: HIT Consultant

"It’s a problem that Catalyze’s Travis Good says didn’t begin with Apple’s HealthKit, but may cause to bring clarity to this often cloudy conversation."

June 19, 2014
Source: HIT Consultant

"By definition, an information system that “manages and transmits” protected health information (PHI) is subject to the privacy rules in HIPAA, explains Dr. Travis Good, MD, CEO and Co-founder of Catalyze, Inc. Good is an expert in HIPAA compliance and security issues concerning health information systems."

June 13, 2014
Source: Venture Beat

"What We Like: Huge potential to become the healthcare version of Rackspace/Amazon for hosted core infrastructure required to build modern apps for health and wellness."

February 21, 2014
Source: HIT Consultant

"Because of HIPAA restrictions, Good said, many doctors are also discouraged by SMS, But “HIPAA does allow patients to opt-in to receive SMS messages,” he added."

September 6, 2013
Source: MobiHealth News