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December 18, 2018

Datica Book Complete Cloud Compliance now available online

Laleh Hassibi

Former Vice President of Marketing

Datica today announced the general availability of its new book titled Complete Cloud Compliance: How regulated companies de-risk the cloud and kickstart transformation. The book, co-authored by CEO Travis Good, MD, and CMO Kris Gösser, shares new insights pioneered by Datica's expertise at the intersection of healthcare and cloud computing. Dr. Good previously announced the book and detailed key concepts while speaking about the topic of cloud compliance at the 2018 HITRUST Annual Conference.

Why This Book is so Important

The cloud is a healthcare organization's biggest risk — if they don't adopt it. Regulated companies have a hard problem to solve. They run the existential risk of becoming obsolete due to an inability to adopt new technology rapidly enough. The cloud can help but balancing the requirements of compliance is difficult to understand. Complete Cloud Compliance gives the playbook for regulated companies to adopt the cloud with confidence.

The Complete Cloud Compliance book was written for those making healthcare better by enabling the industry’s triple aim — lower costs, better outcomes, better experience. Entrepreneurs just starting out and those who are part of larger organizations competing in the emerging new world order of data-driven healthcare will equally benefit from the ideas and frameworks presented in the book.

The biggest challenge for healthcare workloads on the cloud comes down to confusion among engineers and compliance officers. Most engineers don’t yet understand how compliance works and the path forward to attaining compliance. The engineering teams assume their technology is compliant until, to their detriment, risk assessments and audits confirm they are far off the mark. At the same time, most compliance officers aren’t technical enough to keep pace with the rapid changes of the cloud, so are reluctant to include cloud services in their programs. This divide results in stagnation of digital health advancements.

The book is written to bridge that divide.

Engineers learn the fundamentals of compliance to become relative experts by the end of the one hundred and twelve pages. Compliance owners are taught the basics of the cloud (and post-cloud world) to confidently enact an internal compliance program that empowers the cloud.

“Given the prevalence of cloud services today and the many and varied ways in which they’re provided, healthcare organizations need to have a very good understanding of how sensitive health information is safeguarded in the cloud,” said Dr. Bryan Cline, vice president of standards analysis, HITRUST. “This includes who is responsible for specific security and privacy controls, whether it’s the healthcare organization, service provider or both. ‘Complete Cloud Compliance’ can greatly facilitate that understanding.”

Now Available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Blurb

The Complete Cloud Compliance book is now available for general purchase from three online retailers. Readers have their choice of purchasing a softcover version at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or a hardcover version at Blurb. The book is being sold at-cost in the hopes of having it shared broadly so the most people possible have access to its ideas. This aligns with Datica’s central tenets of transparency and a sincere desire to advance healthcare.

About Datica

Datica de-risks the cloud for digital health with software that manages all ongoing compliance and security burdens not covered by cloud service providers. Through its suite of products, customers deploy cloud-native applications and integrate with EHRs. Datica is HITRUST CSF Certified, and services all who handle PHI in the cloud, from startups to the Fortune 100. For more information, go to


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