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August 22, 2017

Datica Releases Observations from 7 Healthcare Technology Industry Icons

Marcia Noyes

Director of Communications


Datica, the leading cloud platform for digital health applications, today published its seminal Thought Leadership Gallery titled “Rethinking Health Technology” for key stakeholders in healthcare. Industry luminaries like Gregory Ator, MD; Brad Schwartz, MD; Jocelyn DeWitt, PhD; Jacob Behrens, MD, Matt Fenty, Marc Chasin, MD and Lyle Berkowitz, MD share their unique perspectives on technology’s impact on healthcare in this e-book. This thought leadership collection allows readers to get a glimpse into the strong stance each of these clinicians hold on the topic of technology, including where it fits well, where it doesn’t fit and what can be done to improve the healthcare technology landscape.

Datica’s first Thought Leadership Gallery delivers powerful thoughts around questions these notable figures consider as they work in an industry on the cusp of radical transformation. Some of the questions posed include:

  • Should the industry take a standardized approach to how it adopts and deploy new capabilities?
  • Will technology bring back joy to the clinician workflow?
  • Has the industry begun aligning incentives to promote innovation?
  • Should the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) be changed to allow for innovation?
  • How do clinicians feel about patients owning their own records?
  • Is patient stratification the next frontier for improving patient outcomes?

“The Thought Leadership Gallery gives a voice to physicians and clinicians who are at the heart of healthcare’s digital revolution,” said Datica CEO and Chief Privacy Officer Travis Good, MD. “With minimal input into the digital tools that are often selected, vendors don’t have a compelling reason to understand the specific needs of clinicians, and that ultimately impacts patient care. Our series of thought leadership papers will help professionals on all sides of the healthcare prism understand those clinician needs for delivering better outcomes.”

Download Datica’s full Thought Leadership Gallery here to learn how influential industry thinkers and doers are assessing the impact of technology on healthcare.


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