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May 12, 2015

DocbookMD Selects Catalyze to Go-to-Market with HL7 Integration

Marcia Noyes

Director of Communications

Madison, WI (PRWEB) May 12, 2015

Catalyze, Inc., an innovative healthcare IT firm that provides a HIPAA-compliant platform for healthcare enterprises, today announced the completion and fully functioning HL7 integration for DocbookMD®. This HL7 integration enables DocBookMD’s mobile communication platform that is designed for critical healthcare decision information to expand beyond its own API to communicate with other systems. DocbookMD clients can now interface with admin discharge summaries, as well as get information to/from radiology and other labs.

HL7, the standard industry protocol for transmitting PHI to and from electronic health records and practice management systems, is designed to facilitate high volumes of pre-defined data to be reliably shared across many applications. However, the collection, storage, safe sharing and integration of this information provide challenges for healthcare developers. With its HL7 API and managed services Catalyze is answering the 21st century needs of healthcare innovation by providing enterprise organizations a way to securely and more effectively communicate – all without becoming an HL7 integration expert.

When DocbookMD shifted from supporting individual physicians to the support of larger enterprise groups and health systems, the need for communication within the HL7 protocol became a requirement. “The team started looking at best-in-class integrators with a strong HL7 focus,” said Jonathan Karanek, president and COO of DocbookMD. “Without Catalyze, we would have had to build it ourselves and that would have taken precious resources away from building within our core competency.”

Kanarek shared that the integration allowed the company to speed up integration to its customers because Catalyze tied the integration into the DocbookMD API. Catalyze president and co-founder Mohan Balachandran said, “Many of our HL7 integrations involve tie-ins to the majority of EHRs, but for DocbookMD, their needs centered on radiology and lab communications, as well as retrieval of admin discharge summaries. DocbookMD is providing crucial real-time information for physicians and Catalyze is proud to be a cornerstone in that effort toward better and more expedient healthcare communication.”

About DocbookMD

DocbookMD, built by physicians for physicians and healthcare professionals, is improving patient care through enhanced and secure medical collaboration. DocbookMD is breaking down the communication barriers that exist between physicians and staff today, transforming medical collaboration and improving patient care. Access to the DocbookMD community network is available through membership in participating county and state medical societies in 42 states. In addition, our paid Enterprise solution is used at leading Healthcare systems, ACOs, IPAs, hospitals, and clinics across the US. Learn more at

About Catalyze, Inc.

Catalyze provides an innovative HIPAA-compliant platform with a complete set of modules to handle, store and transmit PHI in the cloud. Scalable, HIPAA-compliant and interoperable infrastructure is powering the future of healthcare, so Catalyze has built the platform upon which an enterprise can hasten healthcare innovation without becoming an overnight expert in compliance. For more information, please visit

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