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Lyniate Purchases Datica Integrate

Lyniate, a leading health data integration company, has acquired Datica Integrate. Lyniate will be delivering the most comprehensive interoperability solution on the market, allowing greater data integration between multiple electronic health records (EHRs), clinical systems, and third-party applications. 

We cannot wait to see the heights Lyniate will take data exchange in healthcare and will be supporting them along the way by providing the compliance for all of their integrations with our platform.

Datica is now focused on providing a truly simple cloud compliance experience. That means taking our years of compliance expertise and rolling out a new HIPAA/HITRUST/SOC 2/PCI-ready compliance platform that gives you:

·      An easy-to-use web client with the power of AWS that doesn’t slow you down for compliance.

·       The ability to provision, scale, tear down compliant AWS services via API.

·       Automated evidence gathering and reporting, all exportable to reduce your compliance and audit burden (and your sales cycle).

Learn more about the Datica compliance platform here.