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Cloud Compliance Management System

Resource Subscription

Starting early 2019, customers can use the CCMS by subscribing per cloud service being monitored.

Compliant Kubernetes Service

Product Subscription

CKS subscription is per production Kubernetes cluster. Currently available on AWS. You pay infrastructure costs, like EC2 and S3, directly to AWS because we install the cluster onto your existing AWS account.

Compliant Platform as a Service

Environment Subscription

Customers purchase container-based environments which they can deploy their applications into. No additional customizations available outside of general availability. All infrastructure costs are pass-through in addition to the environment price, pegged to AWS costs for EC2, EBS, etc.

Compliant Managed Integration

Product Subscription (Required)

CMI product currently available on AWS or Azure. We deploy it into Datica's existing cloud account. All infrastructure costs, like RAM and storage, are absorbed by Datica. We then maintain all DevOps, security, compliance, and networking duties related to the integration stack itself and all live integrations it powers.

Service Subscription (Optional)

Leverage Datica's expertise to help instantiate any new integration sites. Hundreds of live sites have been integrated over the last four years via this service.


Annual license per site

Each unique installation of Emissary constitutes a site, and therefore a new license.

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Ask us about ad-hoc compliance services related to your infrastructure.

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