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Health IT is a team sport. Datica is a partner to customers beyond being a technology provider by offering services aimed at achieving a single goal: enable digital health success today and for the long haul.

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Featured Use Cases

Managed Integrations: Integration is a process, not an API

Our team of in-house integration experts work with customers on a site-by-site basis to help bring an integration project from possibility to completed, live connection.

  • Workflow mapping expertise
  • Experience with every data standard, every EHR
  • VPN management on your behalf
  • Project management through successful completion of integration

EHR Data Lakes: Pooling together disparate datasets

Companies who need to combine multiple datasets spread across several locations turn to Datica's services team to develop a solution that secure, compliant, and reliable.

  • Multiple integration instances
  • Secure data storage
  • Identification reconciliation
  • Utility belt of data processing tools
  • HIPAA compliant infrastructure
  • Access control

Tactical support, strategic benefits

Faster ROI

Get to market adoption faster by accelerating integration projects or compliance audits using our assistence.

Custom solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all for digital health. Datica's services are tailored made to your use case.

Easy access to rare expertise

The amount of standards and concepts to understand in health IT is staggering. Lean on us for expert help at lower costs to you.

Long-term focus

Datica cares about one thing: Your continued success. Services are built with the long-view in mind, and not meant to exploit short term problems and leave you hanging like consultants do.

Full list of services

Integration Project Management
Integration is a process, not an API. If you need help along the journey, Datica's in-house integrations team will help see you through to a successfully completed integration by project managing the entire process. We’ve helped manage hundreds of live integrations this way.
Workflow Solutioning & Integration Engineering
Knowing HL7 is only half the battle. Successful integrations require an understanding of where to fit the solution within an existing workflow inside the EHR or other clinical system. Datica's team of in-house integration experts can guide you through the process of nailing the right workflow fit.
Integration Sales Support
If you are a digital health solutions provider selling into hospitals or health systems, integration can sometimes be a hard sell. Companies without the sales expertise or resources turn to Datica to help train their sales teams on how to properly sell integrations, and are available on an on-going basis.
Full-stack Integrations
Some customers look for the full suite of integration assistence. If you need something done—anything done—for your integration project, we can do it, from setting up and managing VPN configurations to building complex workflows to managing integration engines, and more.
Managed Infrastructure
Large and small organizations looking to migrate to the cloud from a co-lo or on-premesis facility turn to Datica's team of cloud experts to manage the complexity of the migration. Custom solutions centered on compliance and security can meet both the simplest and most complex use cases.
Custom Solutions Architecting
Technical teams with unique artichture requirements turn to Datica to help optimize their configurations for compliant deployment on the cloud.
Custom Development
Projects in need of extra application design or development aid use Datica's expertise in healthcare to break through with ideas that work. Johnson & Johnson recently turned to Datica to help them develop an innovative new digital health application within the life sciences industry.
Compliance Audit Support
Inevitably you will be audited by your customers, especially if your customers are Covered Entities like hospitals or health systems. Datica has successfully helped our customers go over 1,000 of these independent audits, all passed with flying colors.
White-glove On-boarding & Product Training
Need help getting up to speed with the Datica platform? We’re here to help with our custom tailored product training suited for companies of any size.

The most innovative organizations turn to Datica's services to supercharge their results

Datica surprised us when they proposed a customized solution; with our previous hosting company it was always – ‘take it or leave it.’
Mayank Thanawala

Mayank Thanawala

Chief Technology Officer

Healthloop Logo
Datica helps me remain agile as healthcare is pressured to change to value based, consumer-focused care. They are an invaluable partner.
Dr. Michael Roebuck

Dr. Michael Roebuck


Hurley Medical Center Logo
They met our goals, and, along the way, we discovered that Datica shared our view about the next generation of healthcare integration.
Derek Rockwell

Derek Rockwell

Director of Engineering

Zipnosis Logo
Any time you find a resource that understands Epic, like Mark and his team do, you are more likely to meet your desired project goals.
Greg Tracy

Greg Tracy

CTO & Co-Founder

Propeller Health Logo
Even if we had spent the money to build in-house, integrating would have taken us three to six months compared to just a week using Datica.
Chris Tyne

Chris Tyne

Vice President of Product

healthfinch Logo
At some point, we realized, it’s not worth it to do ourselves; we should just scale with Datica.
Tim Gueramy, MD

Tim Gueramy, MD

Cofounder and CEO

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Our team of experts brings years of veteran experience from health systems, EHRs, compliance, and cloud platforms.

The team at Datica understands the rapid changes affecting healthcare. They were able to help us identify data integration strategies to create efficiencies, cost savings, and foster our culture of innovation. They help me navigate the crowded digital health landscape.
Dr. Gregory Ator

Dr. Gregory Ator

CMIO, The University of Kansas Hospital