Don't sweat SOC 2 compliance

Automated SOC 2 compliance with Datica means easily deploying compliant solutions in AWS while also being able to instantly prove compliance with exportable evidence.

Getting SOC 2 compliant is a breeze

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Straightforward onboarding into your own pre-provisioned AWS account.


Save yourself tedious time writing lengthy compliance policies. Instead, use the Datica SOP generator tool to create audit-ready policies with a few clicks.


A list of 250+ unbreakable compliance configuration checks and a CI/CD pipeline make deploying your solutions simple and automatically compliant.


The SOC 2 evidence you need to prove compliance or hand to an auditor, exportable in seconds.

Automated compliance to immediately get and keep you compliant

Go beyond compliance recommendation engines and limited compliance tools with automation that makes your cloud SOC 2 compliant from the get-go. Start with compliant infrastructure and get everything you need to easily manage compliance in AWS.

Trusted by leading technology teams

Delight your tech team

Take control of the cloud with features that save your development teams hours of work and keep compliance simple.

AWS Native

Unlike other compliance vendors and compliance recommendation engines, we give you your own AWS account with direct AWS console access. Account-level compliance allows you to take advantage of non-covered services.

Automated compliance

Provision, scale, and deploy compliant services via platform or API without having to think about hundreds of compliance rules and configurations. With code service management and a deployment pipelines, pushing your code to container images is effortless.

Total cloud visibility

Review the status of your environments and cloud services in real-time with dashboards mapped to controls and policies. Automatically generate and export necessary policy and procedure evidence for easy proof-of-compliance.

Framework flexibility

Need to comply with multiple frameworks and don't want to manage all of it yourself? Our conformance packs give you the flexibility to use multiple compliance frameworks in the same AWS account.

Let's talk SOC 2 compliance

SOC 2 compliance isn’t a one-time task. It’s an ongoing effort that requires you to follow specific workflows that protect your customers. Threats are everywhere—especially in the cloud—and it’s your responsibility to be a trusted steward of your customers’ data.

Don't take chances on compliance, automate it and be sure with Datica.