Cloud Compliance. Simplified for HITRUST.

HITRUST certifications don’t have to be painful – automate policy generation, deploy compliant resources, and get the evidence you need to cruise through an assessment with Datica Cloud Compliance.

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Expedite HITRUST compliance

HITRUST is one of the most stringent and time-intensive certifications for any sized organization to take on, we help you reduce the burden of having to gather evidence and complete ongoing validated HITRUST assessments to verify compliance.

HITRUST-ready policies

Save weeks by not having to write all of your own policies

Automated deployment

Push and deploy HITRUST-compliant cloud services in minutes

Monitoring & reporting

Dashboards and alerts for complete compliance and cloud visibility

Instant HITRUST evidence

Slash your time to assessment and certification

Prepare to be HITRUST compliant or certified

Reduce the need to plan, design, and write your own administrative and organizational compliance policies all while utilizing infrastructure compliance from Datica Cloud Compliance.

Deploy HITRUST-compliant AWS resources with hundreds of automated compliance and configuration checks in the background.

Prove HITRUST compliance with a few clicks

Exportable, templated standard operating procedures (SOPs) save your team hours of hunting down evidence and grabbing screenshots.

Fill in basic information about your organization, main points of contact, etc. and our SOP generator produces infrastructure evidence that you need to prove compliance and speed toward certification.

Make sure you’re HITRUST compliant in real-time

The configuration rules dashboard gives you clear visibility to exactly which compliance rules and cloud resources need your attention.

CloudWatch and other AWS tools in the console help provide a 360 degree view of your AWS account, environment, and cloud resources.

Technical Details

Technology-first compliance

Unlike other compliance vendors Datica puts technology teams first, letting you use the cloud the way you want.

250+ Configuration Checks

Automating the hundreds of configuration checks you would need to do yourself every time you make an update to your environment, account, or cloud services.

No Performance or Latency Issues

We simply automate opinions/policies/rules for your AWS account, environment, and services. Nothing changes in how AWS services deploy, with or without our configuration checks added.

Push and deploy, it's that simple

Connect a code repository and maintain a CI/CD pipeline, bring a Docker image, or utilize Cloud Native Buildpacks to automate compliant code deployments.

Native AWS Focus

Everything is AWS-native and exists in your AWS account. Unlike other compliance solutions, with Datica you have direct access to your AWS account. View and manage your account, environments, services, and reports in the AWS console.

Automate away HITRUST compliance responsibilities

Automate all your compliance for the infrastructure layer, making sure that the toughest aspects of compliance can be offloaded – significantly reducing your overall compliance burden and saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

This leaves AWS with the responsibility for security ‘of’ the cloud, which means physical aspects like security at data centers, proper power supply, etc. And you with a select set of activities for security ‘in’ the cloud, including items in the application layer such as customer data and application data encryption.

A compliance solution that puts your team in charge

Check out how you can use the Datica platform to streamline your way to HITRUST compliance in a fraction of the time.

Datica Compliance FAQs

  • As a customer, you are HITRUST-ready. Services are configured based on Datica’s review of HITRUST requirements for data processing and storage and will help you to be compliant out of the gate. Getting HITRUST certification is an activity that you must pursue yourself because it is specific for your company, but we are here to support your certification journey.

  • When you sign up, a net new account is created under Datica, but still attributed to and billed to you. You own the account and any AWS charges will be billed directly to Amazon through us with payment history and expected charges accessible within the platform.

  • We are currently offering deployment for services in AWS. Drop a note to our team about our roadmap for supporting other cloud service providers if you have specific questions.

  • Datica will make the proper updates to maintain the compliance of your environment against HITRUST as necessary or work with you on the steps you need to take in order to remain HITRUST compliant or prepare for certification.

Want to get HITRUST certified? Save months on your certification timeline.