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“The team at Datica understands the rapid changes affecting healthcare. They were able to help us identify data integration strategies to create efficiencies, cost savings, and foster our culture of innovation. They help me navigate the crowded digital health landscape.”

Dr. Gregory Ator

CMIO, University of Kansas Hospital

Cut through the noise of digital health

Datica’s strategic services help hospital decision makers build an innovation plan around digital health

Make digital health work for you

You are charged with incorporating internal innovations and external products to better patient outcomes or reduce costs. But knowing which digital health ideas are worth implementing is hard! Datica’s experience can help you make sense of the tools and companies available at your disposal, and can help ensure trust through compliant cloud-based infrastructure and controllable integration.

Understand Your Functional Gaps

Complement the EHR

The EHR has its technical limits, and few know them better than Datica. Our leadership consists of both former executive and in-the-trenches team members at Epic.

Datica is best positioned to help:

  • Deconstruct your EHR environment
  • Explain the best approach to exchange data in and out of the EHR
  • Compliment your technology mix around the edges of the EHR

Improve Workflows

Innovation centered on the patient-doctor relationship

Clinical workflows designed during the initial EHR era are bursting at the seams. They can not adapt to new ideas. Understanding how best to incorporate new technology is emerging as a major functional gap.

Datica brings unique expertise around the best ways for technology to improve workflows.

  • Optimize workflows through new digital health services.
  • Improve connectivity to increase data exchange between systems.
  • Break through the barriers of old standards and embrace future technology like FHIR.

Casey answers questions about Datica Strategic Services

  • What are Datica Strategic Services?
  • Why are Strategic Services so important to customer success?
  • How does Datica earn and keep trust?
  • How does Datica earn and deliver long-term value?

Optimize Your Compliance-in-the-Cloud Strategy

Compliance readiness is hard for two reasons.

DevOps resources are too often constrained or unavailable.

Even if you have a strategy in place, daily focus and annual updates require a DevOps-based skill set most organizations do not even have on staff.

Technical compliance requires a distinct expertise that is hard to find and expensive to cultivate.

HIPAA’s expansive rules and HITRUST’s hundreds of controls require full-time focus. Understanding how to map those rules to a technical strategy requires extremely rare and expensive expertise.

Rare expertise, proven leadership

Datica’s leadership consists of the unique combination of expertise in compliance, health systems, EHRs, and cloud technology.

Datica Expert: Strategy & Services

Casey has 10+ years of direct EHR implementation experience.

Early in his career he installed health information management software which gave him a strong foundation in maintaining the sanctity of the legal medical records, ingesting outside information into the record (transcription as well as outside records), and patient privacy. For most of Casey's implementation career, he partnered with CIOs and CMIOs to lead the implementation and manage the long-term maintenance of their systems. He knows where EHRs lack in functionality and agility and is passionate about problem-solving with innovative technologies.

In his Strategic Services role at Datica, he has facilitated data exchange partnerships between health systems and suppliers optimize the orthopedic supply chain (University of Kansas), found process efficiencies in outreach lab business (Hurley), provided guidance on new system integration techniques (Saint Luke's MO), and has completed grant applications to secure funding for new care models (University of Kansas).

“To help my health system counterparts succeed, I first have to understand what success looks like at the end of a project. Datica will not let customers fail and that starts with not leading, or letting them go down, the wrong path.”
photo of Casey Bryson

Casey Bryson

Chief Strategy Officer, Datica

Datica Expert: Integration & Interoperability

Working across the stack in Digital Health, Mark's breadth of experience bridges the gap between innovation and the healthcare implementation life cycle.

As a technical startup founder and Epic clinical implementation expert, Mark has worked with over 100 healthcare organizations on a comprehensive number of workflows and products, specializing in cross-application workflows, security and data integration. This expertise can be used to connect product data with health system needs, leading to faster sales, happier stakeholders, and easier installs.

“It's difficult to design solutions in healthcare using the pareto principle. Cost and danger are focused on the edge cases in the system. I'm here to help you avoid learning edge cases the hard way so you can focus on improving patient care.”
photo of Mark Olschesky

Mark Olschesky

Chief Data Officer, Datica

Datica Expert: Digital Health & Innovation

Travis Good, MD, has been working in digital health innovation for over 10 years, since before it was called “digital health’, helping organizations large and small develop and deliver solutions for the future of care.

Dr. Good started his career performing security assessments for large healthcare entities like HCA and HHS before going to medical school and earning his MD / MBA. He began working with large healthcare systems like Catholic Health Initiatives and Denver Health on mobile health initiatives while still in medical school. After medical school, he worked closely with CIOs and CMIOs at major health systems as they developed strategies and technologies for patient engagement, population health, patient data collection, and data exchange with partners and HIEs.

He served as the Editor of HIStalkMobile, now HIStalkConnect, for eight years where he covered digital health and health innovation. He has spoken at conferences like the mHealth Summit, SXSW, HIMSS, the HITRUST Summit, and AHIMA on modern healthcare technology, compliance in the cloud, and mobile healthcare.

“Technology is fundamentally changing healthcare. Too often, these changes are driven by the technology with patients and providers, the users, as an afterthought. At Datica, I work closely with our customers to ensure new technologies and innovation serve the users and deliver on the triple aim.”
photo of Travis Good

Travis Good, MD, MBA

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Datica

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Our team of experts brings years of veteran experience from health systems, EHRs, compliance, and cloud platforms.

“Datica helps me remain agile as healthcare is pressured to change to value based, consumer-focused care. They are an invaluable partner.”

Dr. Michael Roebuck

CMIO, Hurley Medical Center