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November 12, 2019


Kris Gösser

Former Chief Marketing Officer

HITRUST on AWS is possible—but very difficult

Healthcare enterprises have a goal: The benefits of the public cloud, like AWS, are so strong that ignoring its adoption in favor of the status quo of 10-year-old decaying hardware is a major mistake. AWS offers scalability, resiliency, and lost costs than on-premise servers sitting in a basement.

But they face a challenge: Compliance and security are blockers to adopting the cloud.

  • Internal IT says using AWS can be interpreted as a "shadow IT" org because you need your own DevOps and Cloud Engineers, so they work against you.
  • Internal Compliance says AWS doesn't cover enough liability associated to HIPAA, GDPR, or GxP, so they veto your initiative.
  • Internal Security is concerned you don't have the resources to properly harden the operating system level on top of AWS's physical security, so they align with the others.

HITRUST to the rescue: Lately, HITRUST has emerged as the best way to satisfy those internal stakeholders. Internal Compliance and Security folks view it as the best industry standard, and approve partners who are HITRUST CSF Certified.

Datica is the glue: Datica has achieved HITRUST certification 3 years in a row on AWS, and extends it to their customers via inheritance. Our Platform satisfies all internal stakeholders, allowing you to get your workloads onto AWS at warp speed.

This webinar was recorded on Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Watch it for free!