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August 10, 2020

How Shadow IT Drives Innovation Programs

Bill Sims

Vice President of Sales

Innovation groups face a challenge: finding resources and capacity to help their fast-paced, on-demand innovation projects is borderline impossible. Teams must "rob Peter to pay Paul" with internal IT by begging them to allocate unused harddrives and CPU cores for an early-stage project.

Innovation groups and internal IT are at odds with your organization's goals.

What's more, the innovation team is scolded by internal security and compliance teams when trying to find workarounds. External vendors are rarely an option.

Then the talent gap rears its ugly head when the innovation team pursues the cloud, like AWS or Microsoft Azure. Securing those clouds and building the HIPAA compliance and HITRUST layer needed for internal sign-off requires cloud-based DevOps professionals who are hard to find—most have fled to Silicon Valley for $300,000+ salaries at the hottest companies. Even if that talent can be found, internal IT is threatened by those hires.

When every scenario is combined, any workaround is viewed as "Shadow IT" and is frowned upon.

What to do?

In this webinar recording, you'll learn from Darin Pederson and Bill Sims how innovation teams can leverage Datica to enable AWS and Azure. They'll describe the experience of David Deas, Corporate Director of Innovation and Knowledge Analytics at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare. In particular, how his team got out of internal IT ticket hell and onto AWS.

You'll learn:

  • Tips on how to secure buy-in from security and compliance teams.
  • How HITRUST is the great equalizer.
  • How Datica was viewed as "smart" shadow IT.
  • Outcomes achieved by David and his innovation team.